5 Mahindra electric cars launched. Details

On 15 august Mahindra did a grand event and showcased multiple upcoming electric SUVs.

Future is of EV and for now Mahindra doesn’t have any performance E-car in the Market.

To fulfill the gap Mahindra has now showcased upcoming electric cars in their London event.

These Mahindra electric cars fall into 2 categories “XUV” and born electric (BE).

The electric XUVs will be the electric conversion of ICE based models.

The Born Electric (BE) will be the electric car built from scratch on the INGLO platform.

In total Mahindra launched 5 different electric car models on 15th august.

The booking for electric XUVs may start from 2025 and for BE will start from 2026.

Overall by 2027 Mahindra will have 5 awesome electric cars in their portfolio.

Let’s know about each electric car in detail.

1. Mahindra EV BE07 launch data: October-2026 Size – 4.5 meters Battery - 60-80kWh Touch screen dashboard

2. Mahindra EV BE09 Length – 4.6 meters Frameless window Class roof

3. Mahindra XUV e8 Electric conversion of XUV 700 Launch – Dec 2024 Range – 500km

4. Mahindra EV BE05 Launch – Oct 2025 Range - 453km Battery – 50-80kWh

Here Mahindra is straightforwardly competing with Tata’s upcoming electric cars like, curve.

But future holds the secrete who will win the EV race, Tata or Mahindra.

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