Various incidents tried dragging down the growing EV market but this 1 million registration benchmark indicates no such issue.

The true EV revolution started with the government policies and the launch of E-scooters like Ather, Ola, Ola, Okinawa, etc.

If calculated from the past 3.5 years India has registered more than a Million electric vehicles in India.

However if seen monthly, in May EV sales saw a decline due to various EV fire incidents.

Here’s the list of the top 5 states with the most EV sold.

Uttar Pradesh tops the list with more than 33 lakh EVs sold.

If seen monthly reports.

May have seen a drastic drop in EV sales and impacted the sales of upcoming months also. The most possible reason behind this could be the EV catching fire incidents.

This recode become possible by the work of both the Government, private players, and of course customers.

However if the government wants to promote something it’ll do it by throwing subsidies.

Greatest businessmen in India like, Tata, Ambani, Adani, etc. are working aggressively to promote EVs in India.

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