To understand this we first need to know how China holds a monopoly in the Sustainable Energy and Automobile industry. Here you go.


China holds major reserves of lithium in their earth crest and being it a major component of batteries China dominates the renewable energy or electric vehicle industry globally.

China also has strong control over semiconductor chips and its shortage during the time of covid has affected the whole world.

China is the world’s largest manufacturing country.

China holds the monopoly in the electric vehicle industry globally

Tesla set up a factory in China.

Now let’s see how Tata is killing its monopoly.

Built India’s largest floating solar panel

Tata set up India’s first semiconductor manufacturing plant.

Tata Chemical taking huge steps in manufacturing li-ion batteries in India

Tata’s huge steps in electric vehicle industry taking care of future of electric vehicle industry in India.

Tata  defeating tesla by making world class electric cars.

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What do you think will India defeat China in electric vehicle and sustainable energy industry.

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