Nexon EV rivals are coming to eat the market.

Nexon EV rivals are coming to eat the market.

The Nexon EV has been the undisputed leader for almost 2 years now.

But seeing this boom new players are entering the market.

Players like Mahindra, Maruti Suzuki, BYD, etc.

In recent times a new name has started emerging i.e. BYD.

Although it’s a Chinese car maker but is competing globally with Tesla.

Next competitor is Mahindra

Mahindra has roared its plans for its upcoming electric cars in a recent event.

Mahindra to lunch its XUV 400 and 5 other electric car to compete directly with Tata electric.

As Tata announced to have 10 electric cars from different segments in future.

With 5 upcoming electric cars Mahindra indicated its not falling back in EV trend.

Another Contender is Maruti Suzuki.

Maruti Suzuki is the all-time topper in the automobile industry.

But the future is of electric vehicles and with their past statement it looks they’re not pretty interested in this.

Recently Maruti also announced their upcoming EV plans.

The EV battle is gonna be super crazy let’s see who’ll win this battle.

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