Okinawa iPraise+, best scooter for 1.2 lakh 

Okinawa has always been the topper of EV selling reports and with a wide range of various electric scooters, it has a large customer base.

Okinawa iPraise+ and Okinawa praise pro are the most loved e-scooters in India.

The Okinawa iPraise+ is given an edgy look with a nicely finished surface.

Okinawa iPraise+  specifications

Okinawa iPraise+  features

– Rear, Front assist – Digital console – All LED light – Adjustable Break

Okinawa iPraise+  features

– modes (Eco, sport, turbo) – Large foot space. – Rear Pillion support – Detachable battery

Okinawa iPraise+  color variants

Okinawa iPraise+  pre-booking price.

2000 INR

Okinawa iPraise+  ex-showroom price.

1,13000 INR

Okinawa iPraise+  waiting period

You may get it instantly or you need to wait for 30 days 

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