Ola was founded by 2 super passionate guys, Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati.

Starting from cab business Ola tried many spaces like Food delivery, Ola money, Ola cars, and even Ola Pizza.

But most probably as you know Ola cabs is failing miserably.

And to keep the brand name Ola alive, Bhavish has now entered into electric vehicle space.

Ola’s launch was too ambitious, unlike their results.

Ola’s launch was disastrous, the app crashed and even delivery was delayed.

Also after delivery many customers had a tribal experience having the scooter.

The history of Ola’s ventures has never been appreciable.

Now, as electric vehicles are the future Bhavish Aggarwal has made ambitious aims for Ola electric.

Even within the company Ola’s employees reportedly have gone through a tribal experience.

Many times it’s mentioned by Ola’s ex-employees that at the company there’s always a sense of urgency.

In the past few months you must have seen resignations from major positions.

Now the future holds the secrete whether Ola electric will be successful or fail just like its other ventures.

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Your Opinion

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