Ola  extended warranty. Waste of money?

Ola  extended warranty. Waste of money?

Ola on 15thAugust announced to launch extended warranty for their e-scooter.

And it's out now

Ola gave multiple options for their customers to select from.

Here’s the complete plan.

For Ola S1 it cost: 4500; For Ola S1 pro it costs; 5000

Another plan is the one covering multiple equipment.

For Ola S1 it cost: 6500; For Ola S1 pro it costs: 7000

But there’s a catch

The extended warranty is limited for upto 5 years or 60,000 km.

Now let’s make it clear

By default Ola gives battery warranty for 3 years and unlimited kms

But extended plan will give 2 more years of warranty if the total km is under 60,000km

But why its a waste of money, let’s find out.

On an average you must control your driving upto 40-50km to get benefit of this extended plan.

But as we all know we obviously drive a lot more than that.

So in my opinion if you drive a lot this extended plan is just waste of money.

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