Ola S1 VS S1 pro.  Which is better?

Ola S1 VS S1 pro.  Which is better?

As of now all of you may know about the launch of Ola S1.

The new electric scooter in the 1 lakh segment has raised the heat among manufacturers.

Ola’s electric scooter lineup is considered the best EV lineup in India so far.

The Ola S1 pro with excellent features and specs is priced at 1.5lakh

And it lighter version Ola S1 comes at just rupees 1lakh.

So technically, they have a product to cater to both the market segments.

Although Ola is gonna expand to electric cars but its far ahead.

For now they have two electric scooters with awesome specs and features.

But for an average customer which of both scooters is best?

Is it worth buying S1 Pro in front of Ola S1? Let’s see.

Ola S1 pro VS Ola S1 specifications

Ola S1 pro VS Ola S1 features’

Ola electric features. - 3 riding modes - Music control - Navigation - Bluetooth/GPS - OTA update - Move OS 2.0

Ola S1 pro VS Ola S1 price.

Ola S1 pro - 1.5lakh Ola S1 99,.999

The most important point that an Indian sees in an EV is its range and a 124 km range in 99,999 is great.

Even Okinawa offers their scooters at 1.24 lakh for specs near to Ola S1.

So, according to me Ola S1 stands above the Ola S1 pro.

Your Opinion

Your Opinion

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