Ola S1 vs TVS iQube, what to buy? 

If we compare the specifications of both Evs

Ola S1 has: Max Power: 8,500 W Rated Power: 5500w Riding Range: 121km Top Speed : 90kmph

Carrying capacity: 150kg Battery: Lithium Ion

While TVS iQube has: Max Power: 4,400 W Rated Power: 3000w Riding Range: 100km Top Speed: 78kmph

Carrying capacity): 130kg Battery: Lithium Ion with BMS

Ola S1 Price: ₹99,979

TVS iQube  ₹93,759

TVS iQube has 3 different color variants

While Ola S1 has 5 colors with a new revamped design with a clean and minimalistic design

TVS iQube has a flat footboard and can easily carry your luggage

Ola has hump in footboard

TVS requires a key to start

While Ola can be started with an app or pin

TVs have a 5inch touch screen

Ola has a 7-inch touchscreen

TVs have a 10/10 navigation system

Ola has an onboard navigation system

Ola supports fast charging while TVs don't

Ola is much more futuristic and featuristic than TVS, like document upload, and full OTA updates

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