Ola S1 worth  1 lakh rupees, Should you buy?

Ola electric finally rejuvenated the Ola S1 electric scooter.

On 15 August Ola CEO announced the booking info and refreshed the details of Ola S1.

The Ola S1 specifications are:

The Ola S1 specifications are:

All the specs are the same as before but features are upgraded.

The S1 scooter that Ola was giving in 2021 lacks various features that questioned its 1lakh price tag.

Well now as it has many features and updates the 1 lakh is justifiable.

Ola electric features. - 3 riding modes - Music control - Navigation - Bluetooth/GPS - OTA update - Move OS 2.0

Yes you noticed it right it ‘lacks’ Cruise control

Now the biggest question is, should you buy Ola S1??

To see that first we need to see other scooters around 1 lakh and compare their specs.

Around 1 lakh we have various scooter but the most famous ones are, Beling Aura, TVS iQube, ePluto 7G

So TVS iQube VS Ola S1 we have a wide difference in specs and features, so clearly Ola wins.

 Benling Aura have very few features and a dull design so here also Ola S1 wins

Pure EV is not really worth the money due to its multiple fire cases.

Now in almost every aspect Ola S1 is a better scooter and you must give it a chance.

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