On July 5th a Nexon EV owner changed his car’s battery that was under warranty.

He mentioned the total km driven is 68,000km, and the period of driving is just 2 years.

Now as Tata provides a guarantee on its battery packs for 8 years or 1.5 lakh km, the owner got it replaced completely free of cost.

But when asked about battery replacement cost post guaranty Tata Motors mentioned, “7 Lakhs”.

Like literally, one can purchase a whole petrol/diesel car at that cost.

But jokes aside, it is a serious issue to think of, after 8 years you can’t sell your Nexon EV, and sitting on a time bomb.

After 8 years even if a single cell of your battery misbehaves, a bomb of 7 lakh rupee will explode on your head.

So, to be on a safe side the owner need to change his/her battery pack after 60-80k km on Nexon EV’s odometer.

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