Will Activa electric be Honda’s first EV ?

Will Activa electric be Honda’s first EV ?

EV startups are a painful threat to Honda. It’s expanding into EV’s.

Honda may soon be launching the most anticipated E-scooter Activa electric, or maybe not.

In the past there were rumors widespread about Activa electric.

But there was no sound confirmation about it just rumors.

But if we do talk about some robust speculation, here it’s.

Honda confirmed launching its first electric scooter by the end of this year.

But no comments about any particular scooter name.

Neither any testing nor any such proofs related to Activa electric.

But Honda does patent an electric scooter design that may be the upcoming E-scooter in India.

The Honda U-Go, an electric scooter that Honda patented and may launch in India.

It looks very non-Indian (in my opinion).

But without much edgy looks it’s a minimalistic-looking E-scooter.

As this e-scooter is already patented, Honda is very likely launch it in India till 2023

But there’s no confirmation, looking at the anticipation of Activa electric Honda may launch it.

What do you think, should Honda Launch the Activa electric?

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