About Evehicleshop:

Hello readers!

I’m Karan your editor and I, welcome you to the ‘Evehicleshop’. We are a team of enthusiastic, passionate, and smart working engineers, working with our full potential to put out the quality content regarding electric vehicles industry     

Purpose of evehicleshop:

The only purpose behind putting such efforts and resources is to fill the void of proper guidance, knowledge and awareness in electric vehicle industry. We are dedicated to do so through our quality types of electric vehicle, there specifications, features, pricing with ‘how to buy’ information and many more, and most important we talk about ev startups emerging around all over the India and let you know what are the good ev startups are nearby you to give good ev services. We gather knowledge from all the sources and make the information and easy to grasp by adding fun animation. Along with that we also constantly monitor the ev community and resolve the most popular query of people in our FAQs section. If you are searching for the quality content in electric vehicles, then yes you have arrived at the right platform.

Story behind Evehicleshop:

The idea behind evehicleshop has started with a problem which was lack of information and knowledge about Indian electric vehicles on the internet. Actually we are searching for such a platform which is purely dedicated for electric vehicles and give information about the ev’s present around us, by sorting all of them according to their pricing and specifications, over all there is no such tool which can help searching electric vehicles according to an individual’s need till this point. Then, the idea of evehicleshop has come up into our mind and we have started this platform to help the ev community and encourage more and more electric vehicles in Indian market.

Know your author:

The evehicleshop has started by me and my brother. My brother is an automobile expert and a mechanical engineer passed 2 year ago from SRM university and I am currently pursuing mechanical engineering. My brother helps me to acquire knowledge about electric vehicle and I do content marketing and S.E.O. of our website. We both are of enthusiastic and dynamic personality and desperately dedicated toward making evehicleshop a best platform for electric vehicles.

Our Aim

The only aim which our team has is to produce quality content in electric vehicle industry and make Indian more flexible to opt for electric vehicles and remove all the misconceptions regarding electric vehicles in the mind of peoples. All the team members of our platform may differ in the task which he/she is assigned but, what binds us is the “Aim of our platform” 

Our Vision

The only reason or purpose of putting all the efforts and resources is to make the India a beautiful and a less polluted place to live. Remember EV’s can still save us from future crises due to pollution

Know the Founders:

H. Karan Kumar

Karan is currently perusing B-tech from Mechanical engineering. He has a good experience of nearly 2 years in digital marketing and content marketing space. He has done internships at three digital marketing companies and worked for many clients as a freelancer. Karan manages the content, SEO and designing part of evehicleshop.in

Karan is dynamic and humble in nature and has a big role at Evehicleshop.

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Hanumanthu Harsha Vardhan

I’m the founder of “Evehicleshop” and working on building this platform since 2019. I’m passionate about electric vehicle but felt really bad when some of my friends and colleagues were spiting myths and trash about electric vehicles. That day I decided to create a digital platform that’ll clear all the myths and rumors around electri c