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These Tata Group companies are creating EV eco-system in India

While all the industrial giants are still in their comfort zone of making their old school petrol/diesel vehicles, the Tata group has come forward and contributed to the rapid growth of the Indian EV industry. Launching more and more electric vehicles is not enough to make EVs as relevant as petrol/diesel vehicles, people will not use EVs until they have an eco-system similar to or even more efficient than petrol vehicles. Tata addressed this issue well and decided to create an EV friendly eco-system in India to motivate Indians to opt for EVs as their daily commute.

Importance of EV eco-system in India:

If you investigate the past of electric vehicles than you’ll find that EVs are not new for us, Indians have had experienced the EVs in form of two-wheelers in past year of 2012-2013 when the Chinese companies sold their electric scooters (scooty) in Indian market. However, as the product was new and no Indian ever experienced any EV, those companies successfully sold a significant number of their vehicles in India but in the long run, demand for those vehicles broke down very badly. There were many reasons for their failure, but the main reason was the lack of proper infrastructure. Because no matter how efficient battery technology is or how good the vehicle is in all the aspects if there is no proper infrastructure any EV will fail to provide the financial benefits that it should be, and in the end the EVs would vanish out of the market like before.

Tata group ev eco-system

Importance of auto giants in EV industry:

Now creating the required EV eco-system isn’t a piece of cake, it requires a lot of engineering, technological advancements, business planning, and funding off Couse. Now in the Indian EV industry, startups are overpowering the established companies in the automobile sector and as a result, it is slowing down the process of making the whole of India EV friendly. It’s not that startups don’t have that potential even the startups are going out of their potential to achieve greater goals, but if established giants would also join this journey it could become much more easer and early for India to adopt EVs.
It even looks pointless that many of the automobile giants are still in their comfort zone of manufacturing the same traditional petrol vehicles, and this overall reducing the speed of development in the EV sector. EVs are inevitable the infrastructure will be created anyways but as established giant companies like, Maruti Suzuki, Toyota, etc should come forward and contribute to creating an EV-friendly eco-system in India.

Among all of this blame game, Tata came forward and started investing heavily in creating EV infrastructure.

Tata group didn’t create any company from scratch specifically for the electric vehicles, but either involved their company manufacturing line or bought any company to develop EVs along with them. Tata Motors which was known for its petrol/diesel cars, now making electric vehicles and the most sold electric car Nexon EV is coming from their manufacturing line, also they are about to launch their two more cars Tigor EV and Altroz EV. But they didn’t stop with it, Tata group is also dedicated to building a proper ecosystem for their vehicles. Creating an eco-system includes building charging stations, manufacturing small volume materials, etc

Tata group companies involved in creating EV eco-system:

In the year Tata motors launch their first electric SUV they also join hands with other company of Tata groups and decided, not to just launch vehicles but to build whole eco-system for their electric vehicles. Tata motors join hands with Tata chemicals, Chroma, Tata powers to build a complete eco system and motivate customers to attract with EVs.

So here is the list of companies of Tata groups participating in this EV revolution:

tata group companies creating EV eco-system

Tata Motors

Manufacturing electric vehicles

Tata Chemicals

Manufacturing batteries

Retail outlets


Tata Elexi

EV software

Tata Auto Comp system


Tata motor finance

Finance of the vehicles

Tata power

Building charging stations


  • Tata Motors: The Tata motors are creating quality electric vehicles, till now they have made 2 EVs Tigor EV and Nixon EV which broke all the records of EV selling in the industry and are also launching 2 more electric cars very soon. Proving technologically advanced, and economically best electric vehicles is also a challenging task but Tata motors is handling it with ease.
  • Tata chemicals: The Tata chemicals is responsible for developing best EV batteries and more of it, the company is also working on recycling the used EV batteries.
  • Tata Auto. comp.: Supplying lower value higher volume components used in manufacturing electric vehicles is also a very important task. If this part doesn't done well than just like solar powers we need to depend on china for component supply chain in EV sector. This initiative of Tata auto comp. we free India from any one else in EV sector.
  • Tata power: The most important part of an EV-friendly eco-system is the charging stations. Making charing stations available like petrol pump is the most challenging part in EV industry, it require lots of investments at a very low returns and technology advancements, engineering expertise are equally important. But using various tactics and business strategies Tata powers are way ahead of time in charing stations infrastructure.
  • Tata Elxi: The battery management algorithms and managing internal system of an electric vehicle is very important aspect which can even effect its range and performance so to manage that part in EVs Tata bought an IT company and renamed it as Tata Elxi.
  • Tata motor finance: To do finance of their electric vehicles Tata motor finance will be responsible.
  • Croma:Croma will be managing Tata's retail outlets.

Tata group is working rigorously to grow on every vertical in the EV sector, recently the news is floating on the internet that Tata Power tied up with HPCL to set up charging stations in HPCL petrol pumps, and tata is building the world’s largest floating solar panels in Kashmir, etc. all such news indicate the intentions of Tata and shows how serious they are after this EV revolution in India.  


We have seen the challenges with the Indian EV ecosystem and how Tata groups are working rigorously to create an EV-friendly eco-system. We discoursed in detail the companies and their interference/contribution in the EV industry.
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