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Electric Scooters

Popular EV brands in India

Their are mostly startups which are coming forward to invest in this industry and working rigorously to make India ev friendly by understanding the audience and making all the variants of electric vehicles.But among all of them their are few ev startups and companies who are most popular among the audience and did an excellent job.

Ather 450X
Price- 1.04lakh/-

Ola S1 pro
Price – 1.29 lakh

Pure EV EPluto 7G
Price – 92,999INR

Best electric bikes

Price – 2.5 lakhs

Kabira KM3000
Price – 1.12 lakhs

Ultraviolette F77:
Price – 3.8 lakh

Affordable electric Scooters

Hero Flash
Price- 39,990/52,990 INR 

Odysse V2
Price- 39,990/52,990 INR 

Hero Atria
Price- 71,690/- INR

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