Electric Motorcycles in India

Overview of Indian Electric two wheelers:

Being the second most populated country in the world India really need a sustainable solution of all the trouble which are arising due to more population density. One of those issue is ‘pollution’ and smoke from the privet transport is contributing lot more to this pollution issue.

Since, the petrol price tending to cross the sky limits day-by-day, the electric automotive seem to be not only more affordable but also nature friendly for the people in India. However, this revolutionary idea is expected to come into the picture by 2022-2024 to the ground level but as the ‘Revoltmotors’ launched there two super successful electric bikes Revolt RV400 and Revolt RV300 to the metropolitan cities. The curiosity and the demand of electric vehicles has increased drastically in the Indian automobile market. By following this impact of Revolt electric bike, many reupdated companies and EV startups has launched there electric bikes into the market, and as a result in the time intervel of 2019-2020 we have seen so many electric bikes, scooters and electric cars launched in the market.

However, we don’t have much good choices for electric bikes in North India but as we go down to the south of India we can definitely see bunch of electric vehicles running on the road. For now let’s see some electric bikes with high end specifications.

Price: 99,999 INR/- 

 » Range 100kms

 » Top speed 65km/h

        » Charging time 3-4 hours

Price: 2.25/3lakhs

 » Range 126/223kms

 » Top speed 123km/h

        » Charging time 4-6 hours


» Range 80-150kms

» Top speed 85km/h

         » Charging time 3-4 hours

  Price: 1.12lakh

» Range 80Km

          » Top Speed 80km/h

                   » Charging time 4-6 hours

Odysse Evoqis

Price: 1.50 lakh/- INR

» Range 140km/charge 

» Top speed 80km/h

» Charging time 5 hours  


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