You are currently viewing Atum Vader launched | India’s high speed electric Cafe Racer. – 2022

Atum Vader launched | India’s high speed electric Cafe Racer. – 2022

“Atumobile” is a Hyderabad-based electric two-wheeler-making startup that has don’t have much of their electric vehicles available in the market but they have a great specialty that separates them from the rest of the E-vehicles makers in the Indian market i.e. their design. Unlike other Chinese vehicle resellers, Atum has always stood out with their design and because they design it in-house by themselves it never failed to surprise their customers too.

Autm 1.0 red
Atum 1.0 red

This time they came up with another high-speed electric bike Atum Vader that was launched on the 30th of June. Atumobile mostly focuses on café racer bikes and with Atum Vader they have proved that such bikes can have high performance at a highly affordable price range and can greatly compete in the commercial market.

Atum Vader Specifications:

It’s a high-performance electric bike and here is its specification:



100 km

Top speed


Charging time

4-5 hour

Motor power


Battery specs

2.4kWh | li-ion battery

Drive type

Hub motor

Design specifications:


Front – Telescopic fork suspension

Rear – Dual suspension


Front/Rear  – Disc breaks

AutumVader features:

Along with great specifications, it comes with various features that make it more user-friendly and worth the money.

  • Digital Instrument console
  • All LED lights
  • 14-liter boot space
  • Rider comfort seat and posture
  • High ground clearance.
  • Multiple color option
  • Badass look

Atum Vader Color Variants

The Atum Vader is available in 5 different color variants.

Atum Vader Price:

This electric bike comes at an ex-showroom price of 99,999, but this offering is limited to just the first 1000 customers (well I’m thinking about the luck of the 1001st customer.) and till now this bike is only limited to Hyderabad city but the company will most probably open their outlet in other cities soon.

How to purchase Atum Vader:

This bike is available to purchase in pre-booking modal if you live in Hyderabad and want to purchase this café racer E-bike you can simply press the button below and pre-book this vehicle for 999 INR /-. The company will disclose the delivery date very soon.

Explore more such electric scooters:

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Price: 1.06 Lakh INR/-

Range: 140km
Top Speed: 60km/h
Charging Time: 4-5 hours
Battery specifications: 3.3kWh | li-ion

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Price: 74-76000 INR/-

Range: 90-120km
Top Speed: 60km/h
Charging Time: 5-6 hours
Battery specifications: 2.88kWh | li-ion

If you still want to know more about this scooter we are hearing you in the comments.

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