Electric vehicle vs petrol vehicle

“Will electric vehicles replace petrol diesel vehicles completely”? This question has become so necessary and important since our central minister “Nitin Gadkari” has announced in one of his conferences that “we will bulldoze all the petrol diesel vehicle and will switch to electric vehicle till 2030”, which is a harsh but an important decision to reduce various complications which were occurring due to these petrol vehicles from a long time ago but now It becomes very important to reduce or stop this otherwise it’s result will be too hazardous to handle in future.

Now, the question is does electric vehicles have the potential to erase all the petrol-diesel vehicles in the future are, electric vehicles capable enough to complete all the user’s needs so that the consumer automatically attract towards EVs, to answer it let’s have a look at the comparison table.

NO air pollution.More air pollution.
More buying cost: however electric vehicle are costly but, you need not to pay for anything else after buying this, its charging worth will be less than your daily tea charges.(20-25/- rupees) Less buying cost- however these are a bit cheaper than EVs but at the back end it charges you a lot, suppose you are spending 5000-7000 per month on petrol then it costs you more then 60,000-84,000, per annual and if you do some Maths and calculation, you will find that you can buy a whole electric bike in 2-3 years.  
No, for servicing or requirement of any additional or engine oilNeed to waste your time and money for servicing. 
Switch able sound: you can enjoy a comfortable and smooth ride without any unnecessary sound and mess but, its user’s own choice so for that a button is given to switch on sound mode with different verity of sounds.Make a lot of unnecessary sound and also create sound pollution  
Easy and comfortable to use can be used by age group, just give race throttle and it starts running.A little complicated to use, need practice
Can’t be use for long ride, supports only local or inter city ride, due to lack of charging stations and battery switching station, in future this problem may reduce    Supports both local and long, due to fluidity of petrol stations everywhere.
Work properly in rain or water logStop working if water enters into the silencer

hence this “electric vehicle vs petrol vehicle” comparison brings us a lot of information, and concluded that in so many ways electric vehicles are far better then petrol vehicles but still so many advancement are to be done and setup a complete foundation like, more no of charging stations and battery switching stations so that these crucial and important services available near to the users and it become easy for them.

If you are worried about their cost then relax, you can also buy it on monthly EMIs of the about 4000-6000/-per month  which will be your monthly expenses on petrol or diesel and after 3-4 years the vehicle will be all yours. But the main problem is; you may think “what if my battery went bad or it stop working ” then stop worrying you will get another battery if your bike is younger then 8 years which means there are so many companies offering there vehicles with 7-8 years of battery guaranty and 8 years are more then enough.


The use of electric vehicles is not that feasible and profitable for commercial use like e-rickshaw, e-bus, e-engine because e-vehicles gave horribly low range to carry heavy load however there are some companies which have started modifying their model, making such engines and buses to carry heavy loads and to increase its range and speed still, gas rickshaw, diesel buses are the king in mass transportation.

However, the no. of electric car and bikes showcased at “auto expo 2020” signifies that no petrol vehicles will be left with 2028-2030, for personal use.

In the future, the demand of electrical vehicles will rise exponentially, keeping in mind the increasing pollution and prices of petrol and diesel these vehicles will prove to be a wonderful product for consumer’s personal uses like e-bikes e-cars, e-scootey, e-cycles and many more due to their very low maintenance cost, lightweight, low pollution, high safety measures, great ease to handle and comfort of use.

After observing such great features and the market size of electric vehicles, these vehicles are considered as future cars or bikes. Observing this trend and mind-blowing features some of the new and other reputed brands like “Tata, Mahindra, BMW, Renault, Revolt and so many other great brands have already started shifting their production to e-vehicles and come up with their best and great products at auto expo 2020   

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