Hero photon HX

Hero Photon HX:

Price: 72,240/- INR


Hero Photon HX at a glance:

The photon HX is a premium high-speed electric scooter from Hero electric. With a top speed of almost 40+ kms/h and a driving range of 108km per full charge, the Photon HX proves to be a good option for city riding and daily commute. This scooter is designed and manufactured by taking office-going people and students as their ideal customers. 

Let’s hover over its full specifications:

Hero Photon HX Specifications:

Key specifications

Charging time 5 h

Top speed 45km/h

Range 108 kms



108 km

Top speed


Charging time

5 hours

Electric meter unit consumption

2 units



Motor power (output)




Motor typeBLDC hub motor

Battery specification

1.872 kWh li-ion battery

Ex-showroom price

74,24 lakh


Kerb weight


Load capacity


Seat height




Ground clearance



Braking and Suspension


Combi beaking system


Telescopic suspension

Other cool features of ****:


Hero Photon HX Color variant:

Hero electric photon Price:

Hero electric photon HX is a performance as well as budget-friendly electric scooter deducting incentive from fame 2 subsidy the ex-showroom price of Hero electric photon HX is 72,240/- INR, however, the states who offer a statewide incentive on EV purchase the price of this scooter can reduce even more.

Hero Photon HX guaranty and warranty:

This scooter gets a warranty for 3 years on the motor and battery of the scooter, and electrical default will be repaired till 3 years of the purchase.

How to buy Hero Atria LX?

Book your hero electric scooter now!. Also you can you can buy this scooter by going physically to the nearest dealer of your location and get delivered to your home. Here are the location of your nearest dealer.

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