You are currently viewing Mercedes EQS 580, India’s Own luxury electric car – Full Details

Mercedes EQS 580, India’s Own luxury electric car – Full Details

Mercedes has just launched EQS 580 luxury electric car in India for Indians. This electric car wildl be fully assembled and manufactured in India from scratch to avoid 100% taxation on imported vehicles. Unlike Tesla, Mercedes didn’t make the mistake of challenging the Indian Government’s decision and accepted India’s demand on reducing imports. Nitin Gadkari himself joined the launch event of EQS and again uplifted the morale of EV makers in India. In the event, Gadkari also added lots of value and his suggestions to the company for its success in the EV market of India are now trending on the internet.


Along with the first made-in-India luxury electric car, the EQS is also the highest-range electric car in India with an 800+ km range on one charge. However, the price of this EV justifies the mind-boggling features and specifications in this car but its way beyond the capacity of an average Indian citizen. In this article, we’ll unfold all the details of this crazy electric car and talk about it from an Indian customer’s perspective.

Mercedes EQS specifications:

Let’s first talk about what this EV has got,





Top speed


Charging time

17-33 hours






0-100 in 3.4 sec


1040 Nm

Mercedes EQS interior:

  • Dedicated design for a luxury electric car not an “electric extension” of an ICE vehicle.
  • Panoramic Roof
  • Sporty Seat with leather coated interior
  • AMG floor mat
  • Front seat with massage
  • Ambient lighting
  • Key less go
  • Luxury rear head restraints
  • AMG illuminated door

Mercedes EQS features

  • 56 inches wide front screen
  • AI powered MBUX installed
  • MBUX rear tablet
  • AMG race engineer to guide your ride
  • OTA updates and Bio-metric authentication MBUX rear tablet

So these features are pretty familiar to Indian luxury car buyers and but being an electric car Indians are gonna love this Benz EQS.

Mercedes EQS price:

It’s priced double the cost of Tesla in India. It ranges from 1.55 lakh to 2.45lakhs. You can book one for yourself by paying a token amount of just 25lakh Rupees.

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  3. Gagan

    In the last section related to price, I think you wanted to mention crores (“It ranges from 1.55 lakh to 2.45lakhs”).

  4. Aiman

    The details of luxury car is great.
    Thank you.

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    I think the Charging time is not 17-33 hours, it is actually 6 hours with a home charger.

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