Pure EV EPluto 7G electric scooter price, specifications, features:

Epluto 7G:

Price:  92,999/- INR


Pure EV EPluto 7G at a glance:

EPluto 7G is a performance e-scooter that is highly suitable for city commutes. Being given a retro but stylish look this scooter is a good option for all types of riders. This scooter comes with the front glovebox, ladies footrest, large seat (comfortable for two-person on the scooter), chrome finishing, metal handles with plastic grip and endless other features. All the electric scooters including this one from Pure EV are 100% made in India.

Pure EV Epluto 7G Specification:

Key specifications

Charging time 4h

Top speed 60km/h

Range 90-120km



90-120 km

Top speed

60 km/h

Charging time

4 hours

Electric meter unit consumption



0-40km/h in 5 sec

Motor power (output)




Motor type B.L.D.C 

Battery specification

2.5kWh li-ion battery

Onroad price



Kerb weight


Load capacity


Seat height




Ground clearance


Braking and Suspension


Front/rear: Disc/Drum


Front/rear: Telescopic/Dual suspension 

Download full specs sheet for ePluto 7G:

Pure EV official video:

Other cool features in Epluto 7G:

  1. Dimond cut wheel
  2. Chrome finishing
  3. The scooter will by default starts in parking mode
  4. Digital console
  5. Three riding modes
  6. Regen braking
  7. Glove box and hook
  8. Disk/drum break
  9. No underset storage
  10. Removable battery
  11. Warranty : battery – 5 year, Motor – 3 years, Controller – 2 years

Pure EV EPluto 7GColor variant:

Pure EV Epluto 7G Price:

The Epluto 7G comes with an ex-showroom price of 92,999/- INR but after adding the RSA price and other state government taxes the on-road price of this scooter boils down to 95,000/- INR and EMI is also available for buying this electric scooter.

Pure EV EPluto 7Gguaranty and warranty:
Previously the company would offer no or very less period of warranty on the battery, motor, and controller but as an update, now the company is offering 3 years of warranty over the battery, 2 years of warranty over the motor, and 2-year warranty on the controller.

How to buy Pure EV Epluto 7G:

Buying this scooter is really simple all you need to do is just go on their website or visit their showroom, show them your ID’s pay the scooter price and get your scooter delivered.

ePluto 7G competitors:

Pure EV Etrance Neo:

Price: 87,999 INR/-

Range: 90-120km
Top Speed: 60km/h
Charging Time: 4-5 hours
Battery specifications: 2.5kWh | li-ion

Benling Aura:

Price: 74-76000 INR/-

Range: 90-120km
Top Speed: 60km/h
Charging Time: 5-6 hours
Battery specifications: 2.88kWh | li-ion

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