You are currently viewing 15 must Buy Revolt RV400 Accessories Online in 2024 | Check now!

15 must Buy Revolt RV400 Accessories Online in 2024 | Check now!

The Revolt RV 400 is India’s first electric motorcycle with good features and specifications, with more than 50 Crores worth of vehicles sold Revoltmotors is now one of the most successful electric vehicle manufacturers in India. The RV 400 was nothing more than a sunrise for the Indian electric vehicle market. Because just after the launch of RV 400 the audience and startup owners realized the potential of electric vehicles in India, because before that the electric vehicles were imagined as a “Toy cars” or a “Toy bikes” that no way can survive the Indian road conditions but after that, the low-performance lead-acid powered electric scooters got no place to survive in Indian electric vehicle industry and the Indian electric vehicle industry reborn after that.

It was definitely a high-risk game for a 100% made-in-India EV startup, but the introduction of Revolt RV 400 made the road clear for many EV startups like Ather 450X, Bajaj chetak, Pure EV, etc. by reveling the Indian audience’s behavior toward the electric vehicles and making the Indian automobile market EV ready.

But despite all such great things we shouldn’t forget that the Revolt RV 400 is an imported bike from a Chinese company “Super Soco”, sold in India by rebranding and modification according to the Indian needs.

Revolt RV 400 and super soco

Now because this bike isn’t actually designed for the Indians’ perspective, we need to make a few minor modifications and add a few accessories to improve its performance and get the maximum out of it.

List of Revolt RV 400 accessories:

List of rv 400 accessories

The windshield can enhance the look of your Revolt RV 400, make it more aerodynamically stable, and keep your display panel safe from scratches and dust. This visor glass filters out the bright sunlight and increases the visibility of your digital display console of Revolt RV 400.

You can buy this visor online, but for fitting it, you can visit your nearest garage or accessories store to get it fitted into your bike or do it yourself. Here’re the parts you’ll need if you want it to get are fitted by yourself.

The tire hugger is essentially used to prevent spreading mud or water over other riders and the underside of your bike. This tyre hugger will calculatedly attach and cover the exact same area which will be the most responsible to spread mud and may cause problems to the co-passengers. You can directly buy this product from your nearest Revoltmotors service center but you know it’ll anyway cost you more if you make any purchase from there, so here’s the link to buy the tyre hugger online.

For installation, you can visit any nearest garage or service center, but if you want you can install it by yourself too, all the screws, nuts, and washers will come along with the tyre hugger and all you need to do is fit it well with your rear wheel.

This break is capable of saving your vehicle’s Handel, brake levers, or your hand to some extent but in a very severe accident, it may not help much. But if you install it on your bike, it’ll surely enhance the look of your Revolt RV 400 and will make it look alike a high-end sportbike.

In the market, you may get many other options of break guards that are capable to save your handle and brake lever in severe accident conditions too but, think thrice before installing it as it’ll void your bike’s warranty and make it no more eligible for any accident insurance.

The Revolt RV 400 gets an amazing glass-made display panel that shows lots of information about your electric bike. Data like range, speed, temperature, and much more help the rider more idea about the bike. As the display panel is completely made of head surface glass it requires special care otherwise it may shatter into pieces even in a small accident. 

Just like your mobile phone’s tempered glass, this display panel protector will save your revolt’s screen.

revolt display protector

The Armrest is one of the most important tools to give you a comfortable riding experience. Especially for electric vehicles that have a relatively loose throttle, your palm starts hurting while driving the vehicle for long distances. Also, the Revolt RV 400 has a leaning posture that directly incident all your body load on the handle that reflects on your palm. So, to have a pain-free palm you should have an armrest installed on both of your handles.

This device is as small and light as your smartphone charger, adding this tool will in no way add any dead weight to your electric vehicle or disturb your riding style.

A rechargeable tyre inflator will change how you would use the vehicle and completely knock off your visits to the petrol pumps or service centers. Previously even if you wanted to refill the air in your cycle you only had two options, visit the workshop, or have a bulky air compressor. But with this portable tyre inflator now you can inflate even your car’s tires without waiting in the petrol pump queues or carrying those bulky air compressors.

This tire inflator has many advantages, it’s highly portable, digital, rechargeable (no need to connect it through a power socket every time you use it), is capable to fill multiple tires after a single charge, and many more. Revolt RV 400 comes with some boot space in front where this handy device can fit very easily. You should buy this device if you want to maintain this your bike well.

The Revolt RV400 is the first and most advanced electric bike in India, it’s a fully IOT based data-driven electric bike but it doesn’t come with a touch screen display and has no advantage to be able to navigate its rider to any destination, but their competitor (like, Ola electric, ather energy, etc) have USP on such features. Don’t worry revolt give you much room to add on some extra accessories to your bike and enjoy your customized electric motorcycle.

This phone holder is adjustable and safety-proof. You can navigate through your mobile phone anywhere you want to go, and no matter how bumpy the road is or how fast you are throttling your Revolt motorcycle, your phone will never fall off this phone holder.

Imagine you are going in the middle of a very long highway, and you suddenly realize that one of the tyres in your Revolt electric bike is very low on air, but you had the tire Inflator and immediately you refiled the air into your tire but after some time you see that the air has leaked off of your bike once more and there is big puncher in your tire. You’ll be left with no option other than repairing the puncher otherwise it’ll completely damage your tire and will consume more of your battery power. In such case if you have any workshop (or) garage nearby you it’ll be great but what if not? For such circumstances having a puncher, the kit works as a gold mine.

This puncher kit is very easy to use, and you wouldn’t need any extra assistance to repair your tire puncher.

If you have ever sat as a pillion rider on any of the Revolt electric bikes for a longer duration you would have realized that it isn’t easy. It hurts a lot for the pillion rider because the Revolt RV 400 has a very narrow seat at the backside and also there’s no proper support to hold for the pillion rider.

Now to get this issue fixed if you visit any garage or workshop, workers there will probably try to make a cut (or) weld at the rear part of your bike but the moment you do any of such modifications your bike will lose its warranty and will no more be eligible to have any insurance facility from the company.

So, if you want to fix a backrest with no warranty violations of your bike here’s the most appropriate product for you, this can be screwed or unscrewed from your bike whenever is desired and gives the pillion rider a more comfortable ride without harming the looks of your bike.

To keep your vehicle clean and with no scratches, it’s very important to whip it regularly and provide it with proper maintenance. But it isn’t compulsory if you clean your bike every day and wet wash it at regular intervals it may still be left with many scratches and unwanted dents. This mainly takes place due to the type of clothes one uses for whipping the vehicle surface.

If you’ll use any random cloth, it’ll surely leave unwanted marks on the vehicle in the long run but if used microfiber cloth for cleaning the surface your Revolt RV 400 will maintain its shine for a longer period.

To save your bike from losing its shade a bike lamination works as a layer of safety, it not only maintains the shine of your bike but also makes your Revolt RV 400 distinct from others this lamination works like a charm. You can also have various design options over your bike’s fuel tank which can make your bike look more attractive.

12. Ceramic coating and spray:

Electric vehicles usually look prettier than conventional petrol vehicles and to maintain their shiny look you should prefer using the ceramic coating and spray over your vehicle body. It doesn’t affect the warranty policy and improves the life of your vehicle by preventing it from wear and tear.

13.      Hand Gloves:

Riding safely is equally important as saving your money from getting wasted on petrol. So, always were the best quality hand gloves while riding. Here is the link to buy the best quality hand gloves.

Revolt rv 400 hand gloves

Do you know in India, helmet saves nearly 15000 lives every year, and nearly 30,000 people every year die due to not wearing a helmet. So, it’s evident how harmful it’s not to wear a helmet while driving on high-speed roads. Buying a good quality helmet is very-very important to have a quality ride.

Revolt Helmet

The Bolt EV charger is a perfect accessory for you to buy if you really care about your electric vehicle. This compact EV charger is made to manage your electric vehicle charging and to give you a safer environment. Along with just charging this device can make you a handsome amount of money or you can even start the EV charging as a business in India.

blot EV charger

But you may think how this device is unique, there are many Indian startups and companies offering their EV chargers for safe and comfortable EV charging. But wait, here are the few points that may change your mind:

  • Unlike other bulky, heavy EV chargers, the bolt EV charger is lite and compact.
  • You can have a peer-to-peer charging connection and build a business out of EV charging.
  • It’s lite and compact but does not lack features. Because all the complex hardware is replaced by simple software.
  • You can install it anywhere with no hassle of setting up a whole extra place just for an electric vehicle charger

Video to understand what bolt is?

Wearing arm sleeves is one more, the most important part of having a quality riding experience. Usually, when you ride in a polluted area on a sunny day your bare skin has to face many unwanted things like UV rays, polluted gases, dust, and dirt particles which may cause so many problems to your skin and arms. The arm sleeve is a must-have accessory if you are a professional rider.

This is also a very important accessory for the longevity of your bike’s body. The seat cover plays a very important role in providing a comfortable riding experience to both the pillion and front riders. Although you can buy it from the revolt service center itself, it’ll be more expensive and of average (or low) quality. Here is the link to buy a good-quality seat cover for your Revolt RV 400.

So here are a few must-have accessories if you already have or planning to buy the Revolt RV 400. All these tools are selected perfectly so that they can work perfectly with your Revolt RV 400.

Don’t do this while modifying your Revolt RV 400, based on a real-life incident:

While modifying your vehicle please note that the Revoltmotors officially don’t recommend any such modification with their bike. However, it’s completely your property and you can do anything you want with your electric motorcycle, but the problem will start when you need the support of your respective insurance company because their condition is applied to a fully unmodified bike.

Here’s how you can save your bike from any such problem

  • Don’t over-modify it, if the engineer or any worker working on your bike stop him/her by making any permanent modification to your motorcycle.
  • Avoid welding or any permanent joint always prefer screws. Some people also try welding the backrest on the pillion support, but it’ll break the chasey.
  • Only use the brake guard given listed above, other models of break guard require removing the side buttons of the handles. It’ll affect the warranty policy.
  • Avoid using heavy accessories in your vehicle it’ll drastically decrease the riding range of the vehicle.

Bonus point:

You may have searched for custom accessories specifically for your Revolt RV 400 but didn’t find it anywhere on the internet here is the contact number and address of the company that can customize your bike according to your needs and requirements:

Contact number: 9841088717, 7299972299

Company name: Royal moto


No.3, Nehru Nagar,Kottivakkam,OMR,

Chennai – 600 041.


Electric vehicles are evolving, but they still need to go a long way to cater to Indian costumer’s needs. Especially when it comes to Chinese electric vehicles (not made in India), we have to use some accessories along with the bike.

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