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E-Scooter Balances Itself, Unveiled At Auto EXPO 2023. | LigerX

This year’s Auto EXPO came with many surprises and was colonized by electric vehicles. Many unique startups from different vertices of automobile sectors came forward to participate in this event, from EV makers to technology support. But today let’s talk about one such EV startup that showcased an electric scooter technology that can rebalance itself whenever the scooter tends to fall. 

The electric scooter startup “Liger” came up with this unique product and Auto Expo 2022. They named them Liger X and Liger X+, both the scooters come with various features and got average specifications. It has features like navigation, LED lights, pillion support, reverse mode, regen braking, etc. along with self-balancing technology.

About self-balancing:

The LigerX electric scooter has the technology to stand on its own when it’s stopped or at a low speed. However this technology is not very new to the audience, Honda showcased its first such motorcycle with auto-balancing tech-enabled. However, the automobile isn’t seen in the market, most probably Honda would have reconsidered launching the vehicle in the market. 

But the makers of LigerX had no such issues and they added a specific mode in which the scooter will set to a speed at which self-balancing technology works. With this LigerX and LigerX+ become the world’s first electric scooters to have self-balancing technology.

According to its makers, the LigerX is made targeting newbie riders and those who are not able to control the 2-wheeler at a slow speed or while falling.

Specifications of the scooter:

Liger made 2 versions of the scooters one is the base variant and another is a higher variant here’re the key specifications of the base variant Liger X:

Estimated price




Top speed


Auto-balancing speed


Motor power



Charging time

3 hours

LigerX Features: 

It’s got all the advanced features like a TFT screen, navigation, internet connectivity, Call/SMS alert, GPS, and battery features including auto-balancing technology.

Will It Succeed?

According to my own opinion and how I personally see it, it has got the specifications of a 75k electric scooter but has premium features that are really value-adding and not just for bragging. So I personally think it’ll succeed but may not fetch sales in masses, as in India people buy scooters for Range and specifications and premium features have a lower priority than compared to the range and other specifications. 

We can see this from the example of Ola and Ather. Ather despite being a more promising scooter records lesser sales when compared to Ola just because lower range. 

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