Ola MoveOS 2.0 details

Ola S1 pro MoveOS 2.0 rollout. Literally all details inside!

A few months back Ola electric showcased their MoveOS 2.0’s “beta” version to Ola owners and EV influencers at their experience center, and as the name says “Beta” that version of the OS update had some issues. Initially the launch of the “beta version” was just there for testing purposes but now that many people have tested it and Ola has recorded a ton of data, they fixed all the issues & bugs, and on 19 June 2022, they started rolling out the stable version of “MoveOS 2.0” to all the Ola S1 pro owners.

The rollout update will not arrive for everyone instantly but starting from just a few Ola owners the update will be floated to everyone eventually. However, the CEO Bhavish Aggarwal tweeted that every scooter will receive the OTA update of MoveOS 2.0 that they can download through their 4G E-sim in a few days (didn’t specify the date) but if you are the one waiting for this update that you may have to wait till at least a month.

Ola MoveOS 2.0 Features:

With this update, Ola worked on every aspect to make “Ola S1 Pro” a better electric scooter. All the missing features are back with the scooter, the range has increased, and the user experience has been greatly enhanced.

– Acceleration in Eco mode:

In the previous modal of Ola S1 Pro, the scooter would shoot like a rocket when given the throttle even in the Eco mode (Which isn’t required for most of the customers). That was incurring a heavy load on both the motor and battery and also not satisfying the customers. So with this OTA system update, Ola fixed this issue in all their Ola scooters. In “MoveOS 2.0” the Ola scooters pick up the speed slowly, steadily, and according to the aggressiveness of the throttle.

– Phone Connectivity:

In the previous Ola electric scooter version, the phone connectivity feature was present but with very-very minimal features. With MoveOS 2.0 Ola gave their customers all the features that they promised at the time of launch. Phone connectivity was one of the most prominent and demanded features by the Ola owners. Now with MoveOS 2.0, “Ola S1 pro” owners can play songs of their choice or enjoy locking or unlocking their scooter with the phone itself.

Lock Unlock:

Customers can lock/unlock their S1 pro with their phone now, no need to enter a password or wait till the scooter turn off by itself. “Now the Control is in your hand”.

Music player:

Play songs or music of your choice while riding your “S1 Pro” from your phone. The MoveOS 2.0 gives you the freedom to play any audio on your phone from the S1 pro. However, the sound experience isn’t the greatest but it’ll be up to your expectations.

– Range increment:

The Ola S1 Pro with MoveOS 2.0 installed will provide you more range when compared to the previous “MoveOS 1.0” system installed (Considering driving both the scooters in the same condition). Many modifications like scooter aggressiveness in eco mode, regen update, etc. contributed to improving the overall range of Ola electric.

– Cruise Control:

Now enjoy the breeze falling over your face without worrying about controlling the throttle of your Ola S1 pro. Yes, the cruise control is now available in every Ola scooter with “MoveOS 2.0”. The advanced cruise control will maintain the driving speed of your Ola and you no more need to worry about controlling the throttle to maintain the speed. This feature will provide relief to your wrist and enhance your riding experience.

– Inbuilt Navigation:

Say no to mobile phone holders now with MoveOS 2.0 you’ll get in-built navigation control from “MapmyIndia”. Yes, it isn’t getting “Google maps”, you can’t expect the same accuracy and features in Ola’s navigation as in “Google maps”. Still, it has all the features to give you the best navigation experience to any location. In addition, this is a 100% made-in-India software, and being a digital service, it has a great scope to improve itself and provide an even better riding experience than the “google maps”.

Ola MoveOS 3.0?

Yes, the party isn’t over yet Ola will keep improving itself and cross all the borders of innovation until there is a scope. Just after a few days of MoveOS 2.0 rollout “Bhavish Aggarwal” the CEO of Ola electric tweeted a few glimpses of their MoveOS 3.0 which he said, may launch till August 15, 2022.

“MoveOS 2 rollout ramping up now and will be with everyone over next few days.

Starting to work on MoveOS 3. Will share more on 15th Aug. In addition to features, we will focus on regen and make it significantly better in MoveOS 3.

What features do you want to see?”, he said.


In this article, we have discussed the latest OTA updated from Ola electric i.e. MoveOS 2.0, and all their features, if you enjoyed the article and learned something new share this article with your family and friends. In addition, follow us to stay updated with all the happening in the EV industry.

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