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Top 7 electric vehicle battery startups in India – 2022

“The electric vehicle revolution in India is driven by startups!” Yes, you read it correct. The EV wave, if not completely than majorly is dominated by Indian startups. Not only in manufacturing part but also for building an appropriate eco-system, startups are participating actively.  

more startups than mnc in electric vehicle industry

Now if we monitor the whole system precisely, we find battery is one of the highly effecting elements of the complete electric vehicle market. Because shortage of anything but battery can be avoidable for some time, but shortage of battery (or) related component can breakdown the whole chain of electric vehicle manufacturing.

But if somehow anyone could successfully achieve the control of manufacturing the batteries which are best in all the aspects (eco-nomically, nature friendly, user-friendly, and gives better performance) will break the code and will become an un-defeat-able contender in the electric vehicle market.

The current scenario of EV battery market:

Right now, almost all the batteries used in electric vehicles are mainly composed of ‘lithium’ which is not found in India. So, if not today, tomorrow we’ll become highly dependent over other countries for imports to keep our electric vehicles circulating and other countries can manipulate the supply prices which is not a quite good situation for us. Now to counter it, the Indian startups has already started working upon the substitute of traditional li-ion batteries.

Startups that are going to blow up the whole battery space of Indian EV market:

1. Bounce infinity:

This isn’t any battery-making startup but is on the mission to revolutionize the whole electric vehicle battery eco-system by giving battery swapping services. Now the biggest problem that the user faces at battery swapping stations is ‘Compatibility’. The battery offered at the swapping station may not fit compatible with the vehicle. So, to solve this issue without depending upon any other organization Bounce infinity in-house developed the eco-system to avail their customers the battery swapping services. By this act, the bounce infinity will attract more customers and in turn, it will create a behavioral change in the costumers for using electric vehicles.

2. Inverted:

This startup makes good lithium batteries for electric vehicles. But how it can bring a change in the battery space? When all just hopeless by the fact that China holds most of the lithium resources, this Indian startup just focused on making the current battery technology more efficient and reusable. Because lithium holds only 10% of the total composition of all the components in the battery the Inverted pawed their way to make the battery E-waste reusable and increase their lifetime.

3. Gygadyne energy:

Making a battery with no lithium in it which can give better performance and get charged in 15 minutes!
It may sound like an unreal dream, but an Indian startup Gygadyne energy brings it into existence. They made a battery that can be fitted into any type of vehicle (two, three, and four-wheeler). This startup has also got recognition on various platforms

4. Lohum cleantech:

 This startup is doing one of the greatest acts that are required to achieve sustainability i.e., giving a battery its second life and reusing the completely depleted battery. “The EV batteries are required to be changed every 6-7 years” but it doesn’t mean the battery has no use left after being detached from the electric vehicle. So, the Lohum is actively on the mission to give the lump of EV batteries its second life and recycle the batteries.

Battery recycling

5. Nexus battery:

A bio-organic battery that can completely remove the burden of second use or e-wastage. This Indian startup is on the mission to give Indian electric vehicles affordable, high-performance, and yet eco-friendly batteries. This startup is founded and operated by two female entrepreneurs who are dedicated to promoting sustainability and supporting India by making 100% made-in-India products.

6. Ziptrax cleantech:

Ziptrax is an Indian startup that is dedicated to providing the best (A grade) quality li-ion electric vehicle cells that are easily renewable and are less toxic to nature. Along with that Ziptrax also provide the best BMS to fetch the maximum efficiency out of the battery. Their software is based on AI and IoT which constantly monitor the driving patterns and arrange the system accordingly so that the battery storage lasts long and gives high performance.

7. Log 9 material:

Log 9 material is the most renowned Indian startup in the electric vehicle battery space. They are on the mission to reduce the recharging time of electric vehicles to 10-15 minutes by replacing batteries with aluminum sheets. Now as the aluminum sheet corroded in the vehicle all we need to do is replace it with another one and we are good to go. One of the most important reasons why Log 9 materials come in the category of the most innovative startups is, they removed all the hurdles that both the electric vehicle owner and manufacturer are facing.


Startups are going to drive the Indian electric vehicle eco-system because for bigger companies it’s rare to risk their profits and get out of their comfort zone for working on a very new technology and introducing it to the costumers. However, there are many countless startups contributing for a healthy Indian electric vehicle community, but these 6 startups are one of the best of all of them not because these are founded by IITens but because they have a crystal-clear vision and a “Why” of doing it. Hope these startups may blossom in future with their products.

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