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Top 7 career opportunities in electric vehicle sector – 2022


The electric vehicle market is going to raise a lot more than what you would have imagined, and when a whole industry rises it brings up a pile of employment with it. One of the most crucial problems of today ‘Employment’ is not because of lack of knowledge but lack of right knowledge. In this constantly changing world, you must be ready with the skill set that suits the ‘next big thing’ and the next big thing is the ‘electric vehicle revolution.

Now you would be wondering ‘Just the engines and petrol is replaced by an electric motor and battery, then what is the big deal’ but no! Each component of the electric vehicle industry contrasts with the traditional IC engine vehicle industry. From a small spare part to the business strategy, from dealership to servicing everything is different from the traditional IC engine industry, and this trait of the E.V. market brings in the scope of new opportunities and will bring tons of employment into the market.

Raise of electric vehicles and downfall of petrol vehicles?

growth of electric vehicles in India

Electric vehicles are inevitable, and petrol-driven vehicles are gonna vanish. However, it’ll not happen overnight but according to several reports and articles from Niti aayog, till 2030 more than 40% of petrol vehicles are going to convert into electric. Expert says the automobile job sector is going to face a huge transformation Electrical and mechanical engineering is going to be in high demand with the rise of electric vehicles and automation in vehicles will come along the way. But if we say “All the traditional automobile businesses and jobs will vanish along with it” it will be a wrong statement. Because at the end of the day both electric vehicles and IC engine vehicles are a machine with the same application and both versions of the automobile have countless similarities also.

Parts like lights, indicators, chase, interior, designing, etc. have paid a major role in the making of petrol vehicles and will keep doing the same with electric vehicles also.

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But electric vehicles are the future, and the EV revolution is going to bring a lot of jobs to the market.

Potential of electric vehicles in a country like ‘India’:

electric vehicles over petrol vehicles

Any technology can only take over if it has enough potential (useability) and customer support and in a country like India where crude oil imports are high, vehicle pollution is high, fuel price is high, and plenty of resources are available. Right now, electric vehicles have their best possible position to enter the auto market and replace the private vehicle market.
The flow of changes that the world is facing right now where it’s said that the technological growth happened in the last 20 years didn’t happen in the previous 100 years combined, which tells how fast the industry and the market are changing and how rapid we all must adapt with this change. So, the automobile market is also going to change and transform to all-electric.

1. Electrical engineering:

electrical engineering in electric vehicles

I know you would be expecting this, and it may sound cliché, but electrical engineering is the most fundamental part of making an electric vehicle. The skill of electric engineering is used for diagnosing or managing the motor and all the circuits in the vehicle and because the E.V. industry is fairly new to the market there is an active need for restructuring the motor, battery, sensors, and various other parts of the vehicle according to the customer reviews and feedback.
So electrical engineers have a large scope in this newly emerging industry. To learn this skill, you need to do a professional course of 4 years but not to worry if you don’t have an opportunity to pursue it now but are interested to explore this field, you can go through some professional courses designed for electric vehicles.

Full Electric Vehicle course by IIT Madras: Click here to access full course

2. Electronics engineers:

Now electronic and communication engineering (ECE) is the field of study wherein engineers make possible the communication among the electronic in the circuit or in any machine (component).
For semiconductor chips that are used in various sensors, BMS, display panels, etc. 

Now electronics and communication engineering is one of the most important fields for the success of any electric vehicle company or of any electric vehicle itself. If understanding internal circuit components and how to successfully set up and optimize the communication among the various electronic components excites you, then you should consider making a carrier in an electric vehicle domain as an electronic and communication engineer.

In this video, the MD of “Hero Electric” himself talked about the job and career options in the electric vehicle industry.

3. Designers:

mechanical engineering in electric vehicle

You might have known or at least heard about ‘automobile design’ however it’s not very new to the market, it’s one of the most famous and well-paid profiles for a pretty long time in the ICE vehicle market. Similarly in the EV industry, automobile ‘design and simulation’ is playing a vital role but the format and parameters of designing an EV are different from that of an ICE vehicle. If learning about mechanical stress-strain, strength of various structures, different gears and mechanisms excites you and you have a decent command over various designing software like CAD-CAM,  Solidworks then you should try pursuing your carrier in electric vehicle industry.

Live Electric Vehicle Designing by an engineer of Mahindra electric: Click here to access the full 

4. Battery engineers and researchers:

The battery is the heart of an electric vehicle; it powers it and manages all its functions. Similarly, the battery engineer or researcher is one of the most valuable assets for any electric vehicle-making organization. Improvement on battery packs can improve the overall range of an EV, saves the E-waste of the company, increase the battery performance and charging time. Improving battery packs usually gives the company a competitive edge with a better product.
Therefore, most of the companies are investing a lot in battery space and if you are interested in battery space you have a greater scope in the near future. Learning about batteries has become a lot more easer in this digital era to make a career in this field all you need are urged to learn deeper concepts, but a professional course or degree may help a little more.

5. Data Analyst:

Electric vehicles have one more advantage over petrol vehicles which is data collection. In ICE vehicles there is very little scoop for monitoring data due to various limitations like heating, vibration, and lack of steadiness which leads to lower data collection, monitoring, and eventually very little scoop of improvement. But in electric vehicles, we can monitor the driving data and performance of the battery upon various conditions, and we get infinite data points while monitoring an EV. This is where the data analyst enters to apply various algorithms and make an important insight from thousands of crores of data points.
Data analyst adds a lot of value to the organization. Lately, there was very less or no use of any data analyst in the automotive field but in this emerging electric vehicle industry, the data analyst has a very large scoop.
If you want to learn this skill you can consider online courses and, for making your career in the EV industry a data analyst should have a good portfolio and projects related to the EV industry.

6. Artificial Intelligence:

This is the skill of the future, AI is taking a huge part in automating a lot of stuff in the automotive industry, the best example for it is the “Tesla electric car”. Apart from a self-driving car, A.I. plays a vital role in making many EV-specific applications like BMS, charging stations (Charging points), motor controllers, etc.
AI monitors and manages the energy flow from the battery according to the regular driving style of the user to provide the maximum driving range as well as performance.

You can learn this skill easily from the comfort of your home by using the internet because it doesn’t require any hardcore industry experience and you can make its project from anywhere in the world.

IIT Delhi course on artificial intelligence: Click here to access full course

7. Computer science:

The skill of software engineering and development doesn’t mainly constitute the making of an electric vehicle, but it does help a lot to manage and give a proper user interface to monitor and use the vehicle to its maximum extent.
Here is how it works;
If you ever bought an EV then you must have got an integrated application for the vehicle as well as for the charging point. Those apps have a lot of A.I., M.L., and data analyses used in them to give you a great experience and accurate results and the one who manages it in the backend and designs it for the frontend is a software engineer. A software engineer can help a company in endless ways as everything has gone digital and no matter what the industry is it’ll surely have opportunities for the computer science skilled workers.


So mainly these are the seven skills that if you acquire, you can make yourself into this growing sector of electric vehicles and sustainable automobile industry. If you are someone from the core engineering branches like mechanical or electrical or automobile passing out with your degree in this or next you should have known about the condition of jobs in this industry, but now the time is changing, and demand of core engineering branches are going to revamp.

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