You are currently viewing After EV6, Kia to launch EV9 in India. Official announcement

After EV6, Kia to launch EV9 in India. Official announcement

Kia is one of the highest-selling electric cars in the luxury segment. Although luxury EV adoption in India is shallow but Kia is managing to sell its premium electric cars with healthy numbers. Right now the company has just one electric car in India “EV6” but soon Kia India will add one more to its portfolio. 

The Kia EV6 has been priced at over 60 lakhs in India with a range of 500km/charge. The next car EV9 is going to be a higher version of the EV6 and is expected to be a costlier one when compared to Kia EV6. The company teased the car on its Kia India official tweeter handle. 

The company didn’t provide any specific date for the car launch in India but it’s expected to hit India before the end of the financial year 2022.

KIA EV9 Interior

About KIA EV9:

Since the car is already showcased in Auto-show in a tear-1 country we do have some estimations about its performance on Indian roads. Here’s all you should know about the Kia EV9

It has the claimed range of 540km/charge and a charging speed of 10-80% in just half an hour using a 350kW fast charger. It’ll have a huge battery of 77kWh which may get multiple options to juice up (various levels of fast and slow charging). 

This electric has been in the news headlines for a long time as the concept version of EV9 was first showcased at an Auto EXPO in Los Angles. But finally, EV9 will soon be in front of the world. India is going to be one of the few countries to witness the EV9 launch.

Here’re the key specifications of the KIA EV6 that’ll give us a benchmark to estimate the performance of the upcoming KIA EV9:


Kia EV6



Top Speed


Charging time

8 hours



With such a wide portfolio in India, we have an EV for every segment now. From affordable cars like TATA Tiago EVs to luxury electric cars like Kia EV6. The Kia EV9 is gonna be another gem to be added to Indian electric vehicles.

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