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MG to launch more affordable EV under 10 lakh | Tata Rival?


MG is the only next strong opponent of Tata passenger electric mobility with its MG ZS EV that targets high-end customers in India. Well its way lesser than Tata’s but MG holds a very significant part of the market. People who are not satisfied with what Tata Nexon EV is offering, head towards the MG ZS EV. But as we all know India is a highly price-sensitive market and people aren’t readily available to trade their money for some convenience. So MG is now trying to break its brand position and trying to launch an electric car that’ll compete in the lower-end market with a price near to 10 lakh₹.

The MG Air EV will be the MG’s upcoming electric car in 2023 priced near 10 lakh.

What does the MG officials announced?

The MG has officially announced bringing their next electric car Air EV to debut for the Indian mass market in Indian Auto Expo 2023. Originally the Air EV is an electric car from a Chinese company Wuling that spied testing its Air EV on Indian roads and going to present 300 units for commutation of government officials at the G-20 summit in Bali. From there, it’s highly speculated that MG may use the Air EV platform to make more affordable electric cars for India.

Moreover, we can’t conclude anything solid yet but for sure MG is on to something for competing with Tata motors and it’s more likely to bring an electric car till 2023.

Suspected specifications of MG Air EV:

It’s expected to be like a boxy compact electric car with a 200-300km range with two battery sizes of 17.6 and 26.7kWh. The interiors are gonna be futuristic with many features and connectivity. It’s a Chinese electric car but if it’s coming from India it must come with good suspensions and a sturdy body capable of taking bumps and mishandling. The Air EV is based on the Global small electric vehicle platform (GSEV) which is adaptive enough for multiple body styles.

Taking the road and weather conditions into consent the MG Air EV will require a lot of changes in the battery management system and other exterior parts to please the Indian customers for buying one.

When is it coming:

The MG Air EV is not gonna hit the road anywhere before 2023. It’ll be first showcased at Indian EV expo in 2023 then it’ll be fully launched for Indian customers and then within 2-3months delivery will be started. So taking all the processes into consideration we must expect the Air EV to be hitting Indian roads in the second quarter of 2023 and it may be delayed even further.

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