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Elon Musk sounds weird after Biden’s Tweet on EV charging infra.

Elon Musk feels like he intentionally makes himself into the mainstream media for great reasons and sometimes not-so-great reasons. After tweeter backlash media houses again started writing about the world’s richest person Elon Musk, this time due to some of his weird statements on the future of electric vehicles and in a reply to president Joe Biden’s tweet on building a really big and reliable charging infrastructure for upcoming electric mobility adoption. Here’s the full report of what has happened.

President Biden tweets:

He proudly announced that America is building 50,000 electric vehicle charging stations on American roads for smooth EV adoption.

To which Elon replies with an absurd statement “or you can just buy a Tesla”

The arrogance of this statement is caught by many replies to the Tweet. People noticed that Elon is to playing smart and trying to promote its monopoly in EV industry.

One comment that destroys the moment apart is “For $8?” It clearly exposes the threat of monopolizing the EV industry and concentrating all the power on one particular body.

Joe Biden is releasing funds and doing great investments toward building a reliable electric vehicle infrastructure. Recently Biden approved $900 Million in funding for building EV charging eco-system in Detroit auto-show.

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