You are currently viewing NTPC – Simhadri, Andhra Pradesh will have India’s largest floating solar power plant.

NTPC – Simhadri, Andhra Pradesh will have India’s largest floating solar power plant.

"NTPC built India's largest floating solar power plant in Simhadri - Andhra Pradesh. Which is large enough to acquire 75 acres of Simhadri reservoir. The power plant will generate 15MW every year."

The efficiency of solar panels increases when they are made to float over any water body. In a state like Andhra Pradesh which is not near but not too far from the equator line, Solar panels work like a charm, and if they are made to float over a large water body they become a goldmine of renewable energy.

Meanwhile private players like TATA powers, Reliance power are working with a laser-sharp focus on renewable energy especially on solar power, interference of a big PSU like NTPC shows the relevance and prominence of renewable energy at an industrial level.

 NTPC – Simhadri is a coal-based thermal power plant situated in Simhadri village Andhra Pradesh but burning fossil fuels won’t last long to provide energy so, NTPC took the initiative to produce renewable energy using solar panels.
“In a regulatory filing, the NTPC declared successful commissioning of a 15MW floating solar power plant at Simhadri, Andhra Pradesh is on commercial operation w.e.f. of 21-08-2021”
But why everyone is focusing on floating solar panels if there already exists land-based solar panels?
Well here are few points to consider,  we need to understand the fact that the efficiency of solar panel decrease with the rise in temperature but on the other hand the water under the floating solar panels maintains the optimum temperature on the surface of panels. The other thing is land-based solar panels require a very large land space. Making the panels float on water has so many benefits, if not one. It doesn’t let the temperature of the panel rise and the water maintains the temperature at a steady level. Also, it reduces the evaporation level of the water body which eventually benefits the environment. 

NTPC aims to generate 15MW power is enough to power 7,000 houses for a year. This power will be produced from more than a lakh PV solar modules which are spread across 75 acres in the Simhadri reservoir. These floating solar panels will resist 1.364 Million liters of water from evaporation which can highly impact the environment and water bio-diversity. CO2 emission will reduce up to 46,000 tons every year. 

Moreover, the floating solar panels will save the manpower and resources which were required to clean the solar panel surface. NTPC-Simahadri has invested so much to, project the numbers into reality.

This 75 acres floating solar power plant will be the largest in whole India whereas the NTPC is working towards creating another big floating solar power plant in “Ramgundam” which will be spread over the huge area of 450 acres and can generate about 100MW of power every year. 


NTPC-Simhadri introduced a floating solar power plant in Simhadri which can generate 15MW power and is sufficient to electrify 7000 houses for a year. 
This is a great initiative taken by a PSU which clearly shows how important renewable energy is for a safe future.

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