Features and app of iQube

Tvs Iqube

TVS iQube:

   Price: 1.15 lakh


The ‘TVS iQube’ is given so many features and it also comes with a user friendly phone application. First let’s see what are those features which makes this scooter a high end machines for the audience 

Features in TVS iQube:

»The scooter is equipped with park assist, which makes it easier to park this scooter, by decreasing its speed for forward and backward direction.

TVS iQube reverse park assist

»The scooter is equipped with two riding modes Eco and Power mode ride more firstly but its range decreases accordingly.    

»You can connect the scooter via your smart phone and can access all the information of your scooter, like charging remining, real time location, speed of the scooter, and rider history.

»There is an attractive 7 inch long TFT display console which shows range, charging remaining, odometer, and all the Realtime information of the scooter.

TVS iQube TFT display

»The scooter gives an ‘illuminated’ 22L of under seat storage. Which can easily fits a full size helmet in it, with a USB charging port for mobile phone charging.

TVS iQube USB charging port  TVS iQube under seat storage

» The feature of ‘regenerative breaking system’ has enhanced the breaking performance and range as well. The scooter recuperate the energy loss in breaking and give it bake to the battery.   

» You can connect your smartphone from the scooter via Bluetooth and can access some feature of your mobile phone through the scooter itself like receive/reject phone calls, navigate to a location via instruction on your instrument cluster.

»  There many cool features which nobody notices but, it enhances the rider’s experience and also good for safety of the rider. The side stand indicator and malfunction indicator.

» Of course their is no key less entry in the scooter but the TVS has given a very beautiful foldable key with an LED light in it, so that you won’t face any problem to start the scooter even in the darkness.

TVS iQube app:

  The company has made an app for the users to fully diagnosed their scooter and to know their scooter’s condition and location just being anywhere. Here are some screen snaps of TVS iQube application. 

See TVS iQube all the features through this video:

Key Specifications of iQube:

charging time
Charging time 5h
top speed
Top speed 78km/h
Range 75kms

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