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Auto expo 2020: Top 10 Electric bikes at Auto expo 2020

Auto expo is a hub to showcase all the upcoming vehicles. All automobile companies and startups choose the auto expo to revile their concepts and products, and surprisingly in auto expo 2020 the two wheelers section is majorly crowded with electric motorcycles and scooters.

There are so many startups and renowned companies come up to auto expo 2020 and unveiled there automobiles and now, in this article we gonna talk about the electric bikes which are unveiled at auto expo 2020.

1. Kabira mobility’s KM3000 and KM4000: 

The Kabira mobility is known for its electric scooters and moped but, this time the company changed its gear and produced two electric motorcycles “KM3000 and KM4000”. The motorcycles are designed sporty and given a look of Kawasaki ninja 300 with decent specifications which are expected to improve at the launch.                                                However, there is a very slight difference in both the models but now, let’s see the key specs. of both the models:       



Top speed


Charging time

4-6 hours

Electricity units consumption  

3 units

Nahak electric bikes

As the name reflect the KM4000 is the high-end product of this company which is fitted with a 4kW motor and having a top speed of 100km/h along with a range of 100 km. But whereas the KM3000 runs 80 km sin singles charge with the top speed of 80km/h and equipped with the 3kW BLDC motor. Both the models are having the same Li-ion battery of 2.5kWh storage capacity.  

2 . Devot: 

Devot motor is Rajasthan based startup founded by two brothers, showcased there first electric motorcycle “Devot” in auto expo 2020. 

The motorcycle has given extraordinary specifications and given superb design, this bike looks so dynamic and designed like a cruise motorcycle with boot space in petrol tank. This is the only electric motorcycle with boot space in it.


200 kms per charge

Top speed

100 km/h

Charging time

3-4 hours

Electricity units consumption

3.5 units

This bike is given a digital instrument cluster, with four modes eco, normal, sport, and reverse mode with a special button to give an instant torque without going into an entirely different mode. Along with the ‘regenerative braking system’ the bike equipped with LED lights on the headlamp, tail light, and indicators. 

The bike is made technically sound with the use of 3 swappable battery packs of 40Ah storage capacity and a 3kW motor which gives a 6kW output. 

However, this is a prototype and the company is calming to change a lot of things when the bike will come for production and will provide you full information soon  

3. Nahak P-14 and Rp46 :

Nahak is a well-established electric vehicle manufacturer but, their maximum products are electric loader or electric rickshaw, and this year in Auto expo 2020 the company has showcased their two electric motorcycles named Nahak p-14 and RP 46.

In Auto Expo, these bikes have fetched a lot of attention towards it due to its sporty look, despite being an electric bike it has given a look of ‘apache R15’ loaded with mind-blowing specifications. 


150-180 kms

Top speed

100-120 km/h

Charging time

5 hours

Electricity units consumption  

3 units

However, the company has exposed two models P-14 and RP-46, but the only difference between both the bike is the motor power and display cluster along with the grab rail rest of the specifications are the same in both the bike.

The P-16 which is higher end product of this company is fitted with a huge motor of 5kW and a digital cluster along with a comfortable grab rail for pillion rider. But whereas the RP-46 is equipped with a 3kW motor in it, analog odometer and no grab rail for the pillion rider!! with it. Both the bikes are fitted with the same Li-ion battery of 2.4kWh storage capacity.

4. Raptee electric bike:

Raptee motors is a Chennai based startup originated by 5 automobile enthusiast. This bike is named ‘mark 2’ and it is the first motorcycle from this company, showcased at the auto expo 2020.

This bike is given a sporty cruise look with adjustable suspension and LED lights at the front, rear, and LED indicators. 

Let’s hover over its specifications  

Specs.Raptee Mark 2
Range 200 kms
Top speed 150 km/h
Charging time 1.5 hours
Electricity units consumption 2.5 units

This bike grabs a lot of attention at auto expo 2020 due to its dynamic look and mind-blowing specifications. 

One of the most interesting parts of this bike is its acceleration or pickup which is ridiculed. The company has claimed that it can accelerate up to 60km/h in less than 3 seconds and can reach the speed of 100kmph in just 7 seconds.     

The bike is driven by a hub-mounted motor and the body to designed with plastic fiber, to increase its strength and to enhance its performance.  

5. EeVe Tesoro:

EeVe is an Orissa based electric vehicle manufacturing company. This company mostly produces electric scooters but this is the first electric motorcycle showcased at auto expo 2020.    

Tesoro is a high-end electric motorcycle that is given a sporty look including cool LED lights on the headlamp, tail light, and indicators.

Now let’s stick to its specifications

Range 120 kms
Top speed 120m/h
Charging time 3-4 hours
Electricity units consumption 2.5 units

As this is just a prototype model the company didn’t disclose all its specifications but the company revealed designs and equipment specs. The bike is equipped with a disc brake, the size of the tyres are bigger than the scooter but slightly smaller than a motorcycle, the front suspension is upside down telescopic fork and a mono-shock absorber at the rear. The design of the bike is aerodynamically stable and perfectly balanced and it may give a tough competition to revolt RV 400   

6. Evolet hawk: 

Evolet is a Bengaluru based electric vehicle manufacturing company. “Hawk” is the first electric motorcycle from this company. This is a performance electric bike with high-end specifications with superb design and great looks 

Let’s dig into its specifications 

Top speed 80 km/h
Charging time 3-4 hours
Electricity unit consumption3 units

The “Hawk” looks like a super sportbike and having a tyre hugger for the rear wheel make it even more stylish. The LED lights in the bike make this shining bike more glimmer. 

A hub motor drives this electric bike which gives it instant torque. The disk brake at both the wheels allows us for instant breaking and a telescopic fork for the front and mono-shock suspension at the rear gives us the comfort of riding this cool electric bike.     

7. Evolet Raptor:

Raptor is an electric maxi-scooter exposed at auto expo 2020. This scooter drives on a hub-mounted motor. This cool electric scooter is a high-end product from this Gurugram based company 

Now, let’s head to its specifications  

Range 150 kms
Top speed 100 km/h
Charging time3-4 hours
Electricity units consumption 3 units

The scooter is designed for heavy usage, the seat is comfortable for 2 people carrying luggage with them, the hand grab is high, the windscreen is adjustable and along with that, there are two display consoles to show speed, battery percentage, trip, and so many things.     

The scooter is equipped with a BLDC hub-mounted motor and a Li-ion battery of 72V and 40Ah battery capacity.   

8.Everve EF1:

This is a Pune based start-up and EF1 is their first product, unveiled at auto expo 2020. The drive type of this scooter is a hub motor. This is an electric maxi-scooter with high-end specifications, and unique color and look.   

Now, let’s have a look over its specifications

Specs.Everve EF-1
Range 100 kms
Top speed 90km/h
Charging time5 hours
Electricity units consumption 4.5 units

The scooter is designed for massive performance, with the comfort of the user. The color and the structure of the scooter make it way distinct from other scooter and immediately gives a feeling of a futuristic vehicle.       

The tyres of the scooter are certainly bigger than the other scooters and the duel suspension at the rear makes the ride more comfortable. The scooter is fitted with a 3.3 kW BLDC motor and two batteries of 40Ah storage capacity and a 72V Li-ion battery. 

9.M2Go (Civitas and X1):

M2Go is a “New Delhi” based startup founded in 2020, this company disclosed there two electric scooters at auto expo 2020. Both the scooters look good with decent specifications. Let’s see at both the scooters one by one. 


This is a retro looking scooter with formal design and high end specifications. The scooter is designed for city riding with super comfortable posture. 

Now, let’s see a few glimpse of its specifications   

Specs.M2GO Civitas
Range 120 kms
Top speed 85 Kmph
Charging time3-4 hours
Electricity units consumption 2.2 units

The scooter runs on a hub-mounted motor, the power and the design of the scooter is perfect for two persons. The scooter is fitted with a 2020W BLDC motor along with a 72V battery. 

M2GO X1:

This is a lower-end scooter of M2GO, which is given a stylish look accompanying sharp edgy design but, comfortable to ride for both, rider and pillion. All the lights on the scooter are LED along with the DRLs at the front.

Now, let’s go through its specifications  

SpecsM2GO X1
Range 110 KMS
Top speed 50 km/h
Charging time 2.5 hours
Electricity units consumption 1.5- 1.8 units

This scooter is also fitted with 2020W hub motor along with the battery of 60V li-ion swappable battery.

10. Hero electric AE-47:

hero electric ae-47

Hero also joined this electric automobile race and exposed their first electric motorcycle at the auto expo 2020. This bike engaged a lot of mob towards it, with its retro-sporty look and promising specification it impressed many visitors and audience.     

Now, let’s have a look at its specifications 

Specs.Hero electric AE 47
Range 160kms
Top speed 100 km/h
Charging time 4 hours
Electricity units consumption3.5-4 units

The bike is given a classic retro look with a certain glimpse of a sport motorcycle. The bike is fitted with a huge 3.5 kWh lithium-ion battery which is non-removable. The AE-47 runs on a hub-mounted motor which gives an output power of 4000W which in turn gives a torque 170Nm.   

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