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Fiem Industry deal with Ola electric to manufacture scooter lights

Fiem industry is a Sonipat, Haryana-based lights manufacturing company. Their business is to supplying automotive lights, street lights, passenger information display in railway stations, and many other commercially usage light manufacturing. But the exciting part of Fiem industry is that from 16/08/2021 they have announced to be the sole supplier of lights used in Ola’s electric scooters S1 and S1 pro.

Ola electric has become a sensation on social media with the official launch of both of their scooters on the 15th of August 2021. With the fact that the EV revolution is going to transform the way of commutation in the near future, the Indian EV industry is the boom right now and investors in this industry are getting huge amounts of returns this scenario has not only kick-started many startups to build quality EVs but also the eco-system builder to help EV become feasible for all the costumers. 

The Fiem is one of those Eco-system builders. However, their products don’t target the EV sector specifically but their product portfolio and domain of services can cater to the EVs well. The excitement of costumer can be measured by the fact that, as soon as they officially announced that “Fiem industry” is going to be the sole supplier of all the lights in Ola’s S1 and S1 pro electric scooter, the news itself sky-rocketed their share price till 60% and counting.

In the announcement, the Fiem industry has mentioned that they are going to be the sole supplier of, rear and head LED lights, side mirrors, and LED indicators. Further, they have mentioned that they are really excited about this project and they see so much potential in the electric 2-wheeler sector.


This news exactly indicates the excitement and trust of the audience on the EV industry and other players helping the EV sector to grow. Any news regarding EV would start trending among the enthusiasts and would leave a huge impact on the share market.

So, it will be my personal advice to keep an eye on the EV-related news with Evehicleshop and keep yourself updated with the happening in the EV sector.

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