You are currently viewing The recalling era of electric vehicles started | Ola electric recalls 1.4k units

The recalling era of electric vehicles started | Ola electric recalls 1.4k units

Ola electric promised to bring a revolutionary product to the Indian electric vehicle market and to some extent, it does withstand their promise too, but due to some unknown reasons, the Ola S1 pro got some serious issues. The catch over here is these issues are directly impacting their costumer’s lives. If the ola electric scooter would have issues with its range or performance, that may be acceptable but now the case is completely different.

“Ola electric scooters are burning” and its fire is capable enough to injure or kill plenty of people. From the beginning itself, the Ola S1 pro was facing many bad remarks from its customers, but it may be ignored by considering it as a beta version (add the link) product, but the Ola electric is mass-producing their electric scooters, everyday thousands of “S1 pro” are coming out of their factory and still, some costumers are having complaints with their ola scooter. Now that may not be a pressing issue for many of us because in real-life scenarios 100% accuracy is nearly impossible.
But suddenly video burst out on Twitter which was showing how an Ola S1 Pro electric scooter turned into a fire boll followed by a cloud of smoke from its battery compartment. This news gave Ola electric tremendous negative PR and along with the company the whole electric vehicle industry was on the backfoot when our minister “Nitin Gadkari” called Bhavish Agarwal (CEO of Ola electric) and many other electric vehicle market leaders to a meeting for discussing the EV fire accidents.

Why Ola is recalling their products from the market:

2 days ago, the Ola electric asked to recall all their S1 pro electric scooters dispatched from a particular batch that is now running on the Indian roads. And you guessed it right, these are the same batch’s electric scooters that got burnt in the city of Pune. Upon investigation of the Pune case, the Ola electric found that a complete batch of their S1 pro electric scooters has some defect in their battery pack with needed to be replaced. Now to rectify their mistake the Ola electric asked their customers to submit their S1 pro to their nearest service center and wait for a few days.
Now the customers will either get the same electric scooters or will be offered a completely new electric S1 pro.

However, the company stated that their electric scooters are being tested for tough Indian (AIS 156) conditions and European conditions (ECE 136) as well, fire in its battery pack is a very unfortunate and unpredictable incident. It may be an in-house manufacturing mistake that leads to this lethal incident.

What will happen to the recalled electric scooters?

Mainly the company will monitor the issue in all the defective electric scooters and if require they change the whole component that was triggering this problem within the scooter.
‘Will the scooter be replaced?’ maybe or maybe not, in some cases it’s been seen that the company has replaced all the defective products in their manufacturing line and provided their customers with a brand-new product but in this case the scooter has some issues in some of its components which can be replaced. Getting a brand-new Ola S1 pro is most likely not gonna happen.

Is Ola S1 pro the only E-scooter catching fire?

Following the last month since when the summer session started in North India. E.V.’s catching fire has become very common not only personal electric scooters but also stock of electric scooters is catching fire and if such incidents don’t stop right here it can be nightmare fuel for the successful electric vehicle revolution in India.

Electric scooters brands that caught fire:

Including some brilliant brands like Pure EV, Okinawa many other electric scooters have started catching fire which directly indicates that the products aren’t capable enough to sustain the hot Indian weather condition. In the previous week, Pure EV and Okinawa also recalled 1300 and 3000 batch units respectively following these fire news.


Ola electric has recalled 1441 of their electric scooters back to their manufacturing hub to fix fire-catching issues. After the series of EV catching fire incidents, the government took strict actions and ordered all the major electric two-wheeler manufacturers to look into this matter carefully and provide their vehicles with a safe battery. Due to the strict guidelines of the government, along with Ola electric many other major players like Okinawa, Pure EV also recalled many of their electric scooters to prevent thermal runaway in their vehicles.

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