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Here is everything you need to know about Tata Tigor EV Zipptron

The Tata Tigor xpres-t EV was the first electric car from Tata in India, it was first launched in the year 2019, but it didn’t resonate with the customers very well and the Tata motors can’t sell even a decent number of their Tigor Xpres-t EV in the market. Due to various reasons like low range, less performance, and dull design. In today’s scenario with plenty of options in the market for performance electric cars in competitive price range, anyone would barely look toward Tata Tigor EV to buy as a potential electric car, and If this happened the Tata Motors in compulsion need to stop the production of the “Tigor EV” and finely it will vanish from the market unless Tata motors would bring modification in their “Tigor EV”, and relaunch it with today’s competitive features, price, and specifications.

The expected has happened and the Tata motors unveiled their Tigor EV with their updated ziptron battery technology. The new Tigor EV is better than the older one in many factors, this car has got all the updated and latest technology features to compete with other electric cars in the market.

What's new in Tigor zipptron EV:

Tata motors’ Nexon EV has made records by hitting a milestone of selling 6000 pieces in one complete year and now the customers are expecting to see a budget (<13Lakhs) electric car with range and feature comparable or higher than the Nixon EV. So, Tata would be very unlikely be disappointing its loyal customers by launching any low-end electric car. However, in their event, they haven’t reviled the price or range of updated Tigor EV but it’s very likely that the price will be lower than that of Nexon EV and specification vise it will be closed to the Nexon EV.

But what they have reveled, is here –

The all-new Tigor EV will come with a huge battery capacity of 26kWh and a PMSM motor that delivers power output up to 55kW power output which can accelerate the car from 0-60km/h in 5.7 sec. The company has decided to launch this car in two color variants but in three different versions i.e. Tata Tigor XE+, XM+, XT+ but instead of exterior there is no other variation in all the three versions. In the showcase event, the company has exposed all the features and specifications (except top speed, range, and price), and this car is loaded with tones of specifications which is more than enough to make this a competitive electric car in the market. Let’s see the features in this car.

Tata Tigor EV features:

In terms of safety features, Tata has equipped their Tigor EV with, 2 airbags, perfectly balanced suspensions, and an impact-resistant robust battery casing. This has been a legacy that Tata that they never compromise with safety and efficiency but for more surety, let me tell you this car compiles with the IP 67 test standards and the lower center of mass makes this car even more convenient and safe for the user experience.

Other features:

  • This car avails hill accent and decants assist.
  • Two riding modes, drive, and sport with automatic transmission technology.
  • Push-button start/stop.
  • 316 L boot space, a removable spare wheel with a free puncher kit. 
  • 30 various smartphone connectivity features with iRA technology.
  • 7 inches infotainment display at the driver interface including 4 speakers and 4 tweeters.
  • The ORVMs are electrically adjustable and foldable.
  • Time to charge 0-80% of battery capacity is 1 hour in fast charging and 8.5 hours in standard charging.
  • It comes with CCS2 globally excepted charging slot and standard charging slot also it can easily be changed by any 15 amp socket but will consume at least 9 hours.
  • A special Ziptron battery technology. 

This car is going to be very different from the previous Tigor xpers-t EV, the interior, as well as the exterior, will be updated in Tigor Ziptron EV. The company has promised in the showcase event to give a warranty of 8 years or 1,60,000 (whichever comes first) on their motor and battery.

The company didn’t reveal the price and range of Tigor Ziptron EV officially but according to the specifications, battery, motor, and all the features revealed it can strongly be expected to have a real-world condition range of 210-250kms at a price of 10-13 lakh. However, all the figures will be clear when it will be officially launched on 31st August, interested customers can pre-book the Tigor Ziptron EV for them by paying 21,000INR at their official website.

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