Hero Optima CX (Dual Battery)

Hero optima

Hero Optima CX (Dual Battery):

Price: 77, 490INR/-


Hero Optima HX (Dual Battery) at a glance:

       Hero optima HX (Dual battery) check Price, Specifications, and booking details. See all the features of this scooter

This is a long range electric scooter with decent specifications and good features, the look and design of this electric scooter are user friend and suitable for the rider of any age. This is a very good choice for daily usage and for students, This is the best electric scooter in this Price range.

Let’s hover over it’s specifications:

Hero Optima HX dual battery Specifications

Optima E5 key specifications:

charging time

Charging time: 4 h

top speed

Top speed: 42 km/h


Range: 112km




Top speed


Charging time

4 hours

Electric meter unit consumption

1.7 units



Motor power (output)




Motor typeB.L.D.C., Hub motor

Battery specification

1.7kWh | Li-ion battery


 75,000/- INR


Kerb weight


Load capacity


Seat height




Ground clearance


Braking and Suspension


Front/Rear – Drum/Drum


Front/Rear – Telescopic/Dual Spring loaded

Hero optima color variant:

Pros and cons:

Pros Cons
Budget product
No under seat storage
Ground clearance
Mini instrument cluster
Bulb for lights

Hero optima HX dual battery, price and warranty:

    To keep this electric scooter budget friendly the company has fixed the prize of Optima E5 at 64,809/- INR.  and as the scooter require license their will be RTO charges. The Optima li comes with a warrantee of 3 years for the scooter and 1 years warrantee for battery and B.M.S.    

How to buy Hero Optima ?

     Currently their are no options to book this scooter online. Instead you can you can buy this scooter by going physically to the nearest dealer of your location and get delivered to your home. Here are the location of your nearest dealer.

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Range: 90-120km
Top Speed: 60km/h
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Price: 74-76000 INR/-

Range: 90-120km
Top Speed: 60km/h
Charging Time: 5-6 hours
Battery specifications: 2.88kWh | li-ion

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