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Is Ola electric failing! | Ola electric disadvantages in 2022


Ola electric has entered the E-vehicle market on 15 August 2021 and revolutionizes both the image and position of electric two-wheeler space in India. However, the promised performance was too ambitious but still, the on-road range of the Ola S1 pro is the highest in the whole EV market in India.
If we talk about their competitors in the market, we have Ather 450X and Simple energy, in which simple energy is ghosting the whole market but the Ather 450X is in the market and functioning among the people but its range and performance is quite lesser than Ola’s electric scooter. Ideally, Ola should be beating the Ather in all aspects but why Ola is still facing challenges, why Ola electric’s customers are not satisfied with the product. Let’s discuss the whole scenario in this article, we’ll see about the problems in the Ola S1 pro and is Ola electric is gonna fail in the future of the electric vehicle market.

Ola is disappointing their customers?

Yes and no, it may feel weird but that’s the reality of the market. To understand this, we need to divide Ola electric’s customers into two brackets, one is “Ola electric lovers” and another is “Normal users”. Because the brand ‘Ola’ is not new to the market, and it once had ruled over the whole “online cab” market (in fact it still is) so they have the brand following and the Ola lover wouldn’t just want an electric scooter but Ola’s electric scooter. Also, its CEO “Bhavesh Aggarwal” is an inspiration for many people in the Indian startup space.

Ola lover

Normal User

Need Ola’s electric scooter specifically

Just need a good electric scooter

Can wait for the product or servicing quality to improve.

Need good products and services now.

Can cop up with the delay of services.

Wouldn’t be happy with the delay in any service or product.

Easily convinced to pay more for extra services.

Not easily convinced to pay for extra services.

Can’t listen to crap about their favorite EV brand.

Will their EV brand if the product or services are not up to the mark.

Now Ola electric lovers are not disappointed at all, but a common neutral person is quite disappointed with the Ola S1 pro in various aspects. But if Ola fails to improve all their flaws for a considerable period even the Ola lovers would just give up and will start cursing them too.

Is ola S1 pro is a bad electric scooter:

Is ola s1 pro a bad electric scooter

No, it’s one of the best electric scooters in the Indian market in the performance aspect. After all, this scooter is at least better than some other imported (rebranded) electric two-wheelers in India. Before concluding whether the S1 pro is good or not, we first need to know that the Ola S1 pro is a purely made-in-India electric scooter that is nearly 100% manufactured in India. But for the design and connectivity aspect ola considered buying a Duch company “Etergo” but now they have 100% control over their scooter’s performance design.

The positive side of the Ola electric scooter:

Positive side of ola electric

Ola has brought the revolution in India by breaking the monopoly of Ather Energy in the smart electric two-wheeler market, but along with that Ola electric also has some other points which make it considered the most brilliant electric two-wheeler in India. Here are some positive points which make “Ola S1 pro” an extraordinary product for Indian customers.

  • More cost-effective than its competitor.
  • More features than any other electric scooter present in India.
  • Higher top speed and driving range than any other electric scooter present at that price point.
  • Comfortable and user-friendly scooter with wider seat and more under-seat storage capacity.
  • Comes with various color options which give the users freedom to be choosy with their electric scooter.
  • 100% manufacturing in India at a mass level which is creating more opportunities in India.
  • Creating EV friendly ecosystem by venturing into Maga factory (future factory) for mass-producing electric vehicles in India.
  • Building the future of vehicles for the first time in India and introducing Indian with actual smart vehicles.
  • Taking the startup ecosystem of India to the next level.

Problems with Ola S1 pro electric scooter:

Problems with electric scooter

Despite so much positivity Ola has got some serious issues that are bothering people and making their potential customers doubt their product. Here is the compilation of problems faced by Ola electric early adopters.

  • Temperature Issues: Because this scooter was initially designed for Duchy citizens and is modified according to their cool weather it’s failing in Indian weather conditions. If you investigate the Ather 450x design, you’ll find two fans rotating for the cooling purposes of the scooter’s motor. Unlike Ather, Ola S1 pro has no proper cooling ventilation or fan. So that’s why some customers also reported about it.
  • Manufacturing defects: Ola did extensive marketing before launching their vehicle, they created tremendous hype among the customers, and to cope with the huge market demand they just rushed to start manufacturing the vehicle without focusing more on the quality of the product and then as expected, their customers started facing problems with the vehicle. (Attach video)
  • Defective or broken electric scooters: Getting inspired by Tesla motors, Ola electric decided to deliver their vehicles to the doorsteps of the customers, but this process of distribution didn’t suit the Indian conditions, and the scooters were found to be broken at the spot of delivery.
  • Promises not delivered: At the time of launch the CEO “Bhavish Agarwaal” showed so many dreams to the Indian customers and made all of us believe that the product that’s going to be delivered to it has never been introduced to the Indian auto market. But the reality was very different, and many features were missing at the time of delivery. Ola electric said that the missing features will be available to all Ola users via OTA updates.
  • Delivery cancelation: The Ola S1 is nowhere near to see in the market, those who have chosen “Ola S1” at the time of booking are being asked to transfer their order to “S1 pro” instead of booking “Ola S1”. This shows how uncertain they were with the number of scooters manufactured at the time of launch.

Is Ola electric failing?

Is Ola electric failing

Yes, it does fail to impress its customers, it failed to set up a benchmark in the market, it failed to deliver what it promised, it failed in so many aspects but, none can deny the fact that Ola electric does bring the revolution in the Indian electric vehicle market. When it comes to the smart electric vehicle segment, previously we had only one company i.e., Ather 450x that too with decent performance, but the Ola electric scooter is great at both the performance and the features.
When it comes to the problems with the electric scooter, we should understand that the Ola is making a revolution and a few issues may come with its beta version of vehicles.

I believe we should give Ola electric some time to improve and prove its worth in the Indian electric vehicle market.

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Final words:

After seeing both the positive and negative points of this electric scooter we may conclude that Ola electric has made a revolutionary product for Indian customers and people are embracing it too, but due to some operational mistakes it is encountering a few problems right but by the time those problems will also vanish.

However, social media is over exaggerating it is making the Ola electric look in a bad light (Because negativity earns more views) but being an aware EV enthusiast, you must optimistically investigate this scenario.

The electric vehicle industry in India is going through a learning phase and has got many aspects to improve in. The Indian electric vehicle industry will grow and become the largest EV manufacturer in the whole world.

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