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Ola Move OS 3.0 Complete Rollout Official Date Revel.


Ola launched Move OS 3.0 at the Diwali event and revealed the actual potential of Ola’s electric scooters. It has many features that possibly can beat most of the best electric scooters around the globe.

Now, Ola electric CEO Bhavish Aggarwal announced by tweeting that the complete rollout for its Move OS 3.0 will begin on 22 Dec. and congratulated the company for successfully launching 3 significant products/services in just one year. 

Here is a glimpse of all the major launched of Ola Electric in 2022.

Ola electric 2022 launches:

Ola S1 Electric:

Ola S1 electric scooter is one of the most successful launches of Ola electric which was expected to come into the market by 2021 Jan. Still, the scooter was delayed due to some controversial reasons and finally launched on 15 August 2022.

After the launch, Ola Electric’s sales ramped up and the company regained its number 1 position which it lost in Aprile due to some tragic event of Ola S1 pro catching fire.

Ola electric charging

Ola S1 Air:

The next most important launch for the company is the S1 Air electric scooter which made the Ola Electric an unbeatable leader in every segment for electric 2-wheelers. The Ola S1 Air is as affordable as ICE based Honda Activa scooter. With S1 Air Ola electric is planning to conquer the complete 2W automobile market by providing a premium scooter at an affordable price.

Ola Move OS 2.0:

The Move OS 2.0 was the first step towards materializing all the unimaginable promises that the company did while launching the scooter in 2021. This software update improved the Ola electric scooter to a very high extent. But still wasn’t able to deliver all the promised features. This software update was officially rolled out on June 2022.

black Ola electric scooter in green background

Ola Move OS 3.0:

This software update was unveiled along with S1 Air electric scooter and uncovered the full potential of the Ola S1 and S1 pro electric scooters. It came along with features like

  • Proximity unlock
  • Key Sharing
  • Hyper Charging
  • Moods
  • Party mode
  • Enhanced eco and sport mode
  • Enhanced braking
  • Hill hold and much more

There were many features that Ola added in the updates as a surprise which made people love the OS 3.0 more.

A glimpse of Ola’s Upcoming launches:

Ola is bringing more juice to fill the electric vehicles gap in the Indian market. Not just vehicles Ola electric is working on enhancing the whole electric vehicle ecosystem in the country. Here’s the projection of what Ola Electric is bringing

  • Made in India cells
  • Ola electric motorcycle
  • Ola electric sport car
  • Ola Hypercharging

With all the great stuff company is planning to make India the number 1 EV adopter in the world.

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