You are currently viewing TATA Avinya Unveiled. Top 10 features you should know.

TATA Avinya Unveiled. Top 10 features you should know.

In the month of May 2022, Tata Motors showcased their third-generation car Avinya. It’s a fully futuristic electric car that has never before been introduced by any Indian company to the Indian audience. Avinya has the potential to go beyond its limits and compete in the global luxury car segment.

Tata Avinya unveiled

At its showcase event, the company introduced us to its interior, exterior design, and some of its key features. Without out even disclosing its exact specifications the car has got more than the expected positive reactions from the audience. In the past month, the company showcased their Curve EV which has also done great among the audience and all the EV enthusiasts are now looking up to Tata for Introducing India to the real potential of electric vehicles.

However, Tata motors promised of introducing a total of 10 electric cars in India by 2026 but the Avinya is expected to be the best car among all the electric cars that Tata is going to show in India. With its futuristic look and features, it’ll surely compete among the global audience of EV enthusiasts.

Now let’s have a look at the list of top ‘n’ Tata Avinya features:

1. As big as a Small personal room:

Tata Avinya inside view

The Avinya is exclusively built in an electric version that gave Tata the opportunity to completely remove the space for the IC engine and place its wheels on the extreme edges of the car which in turn provided a large room for designing the interior of Avinya.

2. 90-degree rotatable seats:

Tata Avinya rotatable seat

As the ground clearance of the vehicle is very low it becomes difficult for some passengers to get in or come out of the car. To provide ease for such customers Avinya got a rotatable seat.

3. Headphone for Each:

Tata Avinya headphone/speaker

Passengers got speakers on each of their necks which give every customer a great experience of listening to the media.

4. Voice Commands only:

Unlike any commercial car the Avinya is only controlled by the voice commands, it didn’t get any screen or any control buttons. An engraved screen in the windshield shows various essential information like charging, range, temperature, etc. but except that the car has no screen (at least in the showcased model).

5. Air-conditioning on each door: 

Avinya Air-conditioning

Unlike only one front air conditioning on the front, the Avinya has a personal A.C. for each person in the car. Also, each AC unit on the door can be controlled by the need for a roller.

6. Aerodynamically more stable:

Aerodynamic stability of Avinya

The air wends in the front provide the least air resistance to the car and on top of that geometry of the car open-up itself and make itself wider providing the car with more stability.

7. No mirrors:

Tata Avinya has no mirror

The Avinya has no side mirror it’ll come with a wide-angle camera to show the rear postage of the vehicle.

8. On-Steer Navigation: 

The touch screen panel on the steer provides a great navigation experience.

9. Lights

Tata Avinya lights

The car is given ambient lighting engraved into the car’s frame. In this gen 3 electric car, the Tata used Signature lighting to make it more attractive and increase its road presence.

5. Comfortable seating posture and seat

Tata Avinya Comfortable seats

In low-height cars, one may face a problem sitting in its seat. To solve that problem Tata made Avinya’s seats rotatable up to a certain angle and the interior space is also larger to give an amazing experience to the riders.


So these are the few most astonishing features of this car, although the Avinya is expected to launch in 2026 you must be updated with all the latest updates that are coming in the Indian electric vehicle eco-system.

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