You are currently viewing TATA Nexon EV (long-range) launch date confirmed

TATA Nexon EV (long-range) launch date confirmed

TATA Nexon EV (long-range) launch date confirmed

Tata Motors is one of the greatest contenders in the electric four-wheeler sector. By capturing more than 80% market cap Tata Nexon EV is their most successful EV product The Internet is flooded with success stories and positive reviews of both the electric cars of Tata Motors.

But is it really successful? If we revisit the start of the whole EV revolution, you’ll find that the main goal of E-vehicles was to eliminate and replace the ICE vehicle completely from the Indian roads. Is it happening, are electric vehicles as reliable as ICE vehicles? Not really, and the main reason behind this is the low range of their electric car and lack of ecosystem. However, Tata itself is working from both ends to make electric vehicles more reliable for Indians. But it’ll take time to make Indian transportation fully dependent on E.V.’s and Tata with all their steps in the electric vehicle industry is witnessing their concern towards a sustainable commutation.

Now this time the TATA has done something really groundbreaking. Instead of making a completely new line of products, they focused on updating the currently available product in the market the TATA Nexon EV. Tata Motors has decided to launch the Nexon E.V.’s updated version with a bigger battery pack, longer range, and more stability. Let’s discuss this update in detail.

Tata Nexon to be launched in upgraded avatar:

Nexon EV long range features

It has already been revealed by the Tata motors, that they are about to relaunch a Nexon EV with more features and a longer range, but the launch date is now finalized by their end which is, the 20th of April. Here are all the changes that “Tata motors” is gonna include in their long-range Nexon EV

  • Longer Driving range: Nearly 100kms more driving range in real conditions.
  • Bigger battery pack: The previous version of Nexon EV had a 30kWh battery pack but the newer version will have a 40kWh battery pack.
  • Kerb weight: The updated Nexon EV will weigh 100Kg more than the older Nexon EV.
  • Price increment: The long-range Nexon EV will be priced 4-5 lakh higher than the older Nexon EV.
  • Extra features: Multiple modes regenerative braking system, ventilated seat, cruise control, Aerodynamic stability, ABS on all the four tyres.

Why TATA bought this update:

The straightforward answer to this question is ‘reliability’. Electric vehicles (four-wheelers) specifically aren’t reliable enough to completely replace the IC engine vehicle completely as an electric car with less than 300km driving range can’t cater to all the needs and requirements of the customer. Electric vehicles may be considered the best option for daily commutation but when it comes to long drives or traveling to other states, an EV isn’t reliable enough.

To solve this issue the TATA motors decided to launch another version of their Nexon EV with a longer driving range and large battery pack. However, it isn’t that we don’t have an electric car with more than 300 km or real-world driving range in India but in the budget segment Nexon EV is the only performance electric car. Now with the 400km range, Tata motors will now compete with other EV-making companies in India.

Should you feel bad about being an early adopter of Nexon EV:

No, if your Nexon EV is catering to all your needs and requirements, you don’t need to worry about this new car. Also the now the TATA Nexon will be available In two variants one is the premium one and another is the regular variant. You your daily need require a higher variant you should choose it or else you can go with the regular variant of the Nexon EV electric car.

Long story short:

Tata will launch its long-range Nexon EV on the 20th of April, this will be the upgraded version of the regular Nexon EV with advantages like longer range (up to 400km), bigger battery pack (30kWh battery pack), more features, and many more advantages. The upgraded Tata Nexon EV will be a great competitor to other expensive electric cars like MG ZS EV, etc. The price of this electric car will be reviled on the launch day but it’s expected to be 4-5lakh more expensive than the older Nexon EV.

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