You are currently viewing Kia EV 6 most reliable EV in the Globe. Kia EV6 launch in India.

Kia EV 6 most reliable EV in the Globe. Kia EV6 launch in India.

kia ev 6 electric car running on road

Kia EV6 got the number 1 ranking in the list of the most reliable electric cars in the world. Tesla and Nissan ranked 2nd and 3rd in the list respectively. Surprisingly electric vehicles still looked highly skeptical as they aren’t as reliable as an ICE-based car. Probably fewer EV charging stations and poor EV infrastructure is the reason for the same.

kia ev 6 electric car running on road

The report adds that Kia may have achieved the number 1 position but it is doubtful if it can match the performance/reliability of the Tesla Model 3. Kia EV 6 is a relatively newer electric car when compared with the Tesla Model 3 and has not tested as many kilometers as the Tesla Modal 3, and Tesla may beat Kia EV 6 in terms of reliability.

The Kia also launched its electric car EV6 in India on June 2022 and got nominal sales, in the festive month of “October” Kia recorded its highest EV sales in India, with 200+ EV6, ’s sold so far. Recently the company disclosed getting ARAI testing results, the EV6 can give up to 700+km of range in just one charge.
The company isn’t manufacturing the car in India yet and the EV6 gets imported from offshores via the CBU route. It’s priced at about ₹60lakh in India with a battery storage of 77.4kWh and a charging speed of 10-80% in just 18 minutes. 

Kia EV6 delivered 200 electric cars and 150 electric cars are pre-booked and yet to be delivered. The company is planning to set up a complete eco-system in India and soon it will make cars in India.

image source "The Financial express"

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