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Ather’s charging stations are open for every electric two wheeler

Ather is aspiring to be the greatest Indian EV manufacturer in two wheeler segment. They are not only manufacturing EVs but having a keen eyes over developing an EV friendly eco-system in India which doesn’t mean setting up more and more charging stations only but putting constructive collaborating efforts to uplift the EV scenario in India. In recent period of time they have shared the impact report over their social media handles, which is showing the amount of carbon emission that their electric scooters alone has saved, and now the news is popping out that Ather’s charging stations will now be open to charge any other electric two wheeler. Let’s dig into details of this news.

Ather charging station news

Any electric two-wheeler an now be charged at ather's charging stations:

Right now there is a major issue with Indian EV infrastructure which is not visible right now! but it may arise as a big problem in the future which is, common charger for all EVs. Just like smartphones, all of them will get either a universal USB type or a C type charging point and it becomes quite favorable for users. However, EVs are completely different from smartphones but the condition is similar. Consider a scenario where we have plenty of charging stations but not suitable for every type of electric vehicle, and the pain will be mislabeled when one may have a charging station but not suitable for his/her EV.

Now Ather has observed this problem and come up with its appropriate solution before this situations get worse and announced to open their proprietary charging connector to other OEMs (for free of cost till a certain period of time.) Now any EV owner (Two-wheeler) can use Ather’s charging network. This huge step will definitely cater to improve the eco-system and the issue of range anxiety in people.

Now it can be stated that Ather energy is following the path of some of the legendary players in the EV sector like Tesla. Similar to Tesla, Ather Energy is also investing in building the correct infrastructure along with great products and also made their proprietary charging connector open to other OEMs for a great cause. However various schemes and subsidies from the government made their way quite more easily.

These baby steps will definitely revolutionize the whole Indian EV sector.


Ather Energy’s charging grids are now open for every electric two-wheeler OEMs. This is a great step for units all the EV charging points.

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