You are currently viewing Top 15 Ather 450X accessories online – 2022. (For 450x & 450 plus)

Top 15 Ather 450X accessories online – 2022. (For 450x & 450 plus)

Ather 450X is India’s most successful electric scooter with a futuristic design and great specifications. The Ather has changed the dynamics of the electric scooter industry in India, with the most prominent features, customer services, specifications, and safety ratings the Ather has set a benchmark for all the EV makers in India to follow and produce a great product for the Indian EV market.

The Ather has done an 8 years long R&D on their product and made sure that when they finally launch their 450X and 450 plus for the Indian market there should be no turbulence and backlashes from the market and they executed the plan smoothly. In their designing process, Ather does have given preference to adding all the possible accessories into their scooter to give their riders a great experience on their vehicle, but it’s highly possible that the costing wouldn’t have allowed them to give that extra glimpse of taste to their scooter. But honestly speaking, if you want to enjoy your Ather scooter at its full potential you need to apply some accessories! It isn’t that your Ather won’t perform well without these accessories, but if you are a serious bike rider, you’re going to love them all.

List of Ather 450X accessories;

1.  Handle Protector:

Ather has a beautiful front profile, the edgy look just fits in with the scooter’s overall body and styling. As Ather is a high-speed performance electric scooter there are chances that it may suffer a road accident. However, the company offers a warranty policy and takes full charge of any fault in your Ather but it’s only bound to the electronic parts, Ather doesn’t provide any support if your scooter body is physically broken.

ather handle guard

To protect your Ather’s front profile and give it a unique and outstanding look you should install this handle protector. The color of this accessory matches your scooter’s color that’ll enhance the road presence of your Ather 450X

2. Frame guard

As you would already have known that all the electric vehicles are mainly made-up of aluminum chases and carbon-fiber bodies to give them a better range. It makes them less preferable than the ICE vehicle in terms of strength.|

Ather frame guard

But you know its solution exists, “a frame guard”. The Ather frame guard gives it extra strength and saves it from minor hits and dents. Again to maintain the scooter’s range and performance the frame guard has to be light weighted and it couldn’t save you from a severe road accident but it’ll make your Ather electric scooter stronger than before.

3. Wipro 16A Smart Plug:

Charging your electric scooter is one of the most important and sensitive tasks, if anything goes wrong your charger may be at fault or it may affect your M.C.B. so having a smart plug to carefully monitor your charging and save your appliances is a must. If you care about your scooter and home appliances, I recommend you to employ this Wipro 16A smart plug at your Ather charging corner.

Wipro smart plug

This smart plug can be operated through wireless connectivity and turned off or on whenever needed. It can measure your energy consumption and modify it to do smart charging, overall this gadget will save your scooter charger from energy fluctuations and run your home appliances smoothly.

4. Display protection glass:

The U.S.P. of Ather scooters is their intractable touch screen display panel. The Ather was the only one who introduced Indian electric scooters with a better touch screen display panel technology. However, many other brands included this feature in their electric scooter afterward.

Ather display protection glass

Now if the display is such an important part of this electric scooter why shouldn’t you add protection layers to it? This display protection glass is just like a quality tempered glass on your mobile phone, you must use this protection glass for saving your Ather screen from stains, scratches, dust, and other external effects.

5. Tyre inflator:

A rechargeable tire inflator will completely knock off your petrol pumps or service centers’ visits. Previously even if you wanted to refill the air in your cycle you only had two options, visit the workshop, or have a bulky air compressor. But with this portable tire inflator now you can inflate even your car’s tires without waiting in the petrol pump queues or carrying those bulky air compressors.

Ather Tyre inflator

This tire inflator has many advantages, it’s highly portable, digital, rechargeable (no need to connect it through a power socket every time you use it), is capable to fill multiple tires after a single charge, and many more. The Ather 450X comes with some boot space in front where this handy device can fit very easily. You should buy this device if you want to maintain this your bike well.

6. Floor mat:

This is the best floor mat available in the market. In general, the function of a floor mat is to prevent the scooter’s floorboard from dirt, mud, liquid, etc. and the most important factor for a floor mat is to be long lasting. This floor mat perfectly fits for Ather and the quality of material used in it won’t get brittle in long-term usage.

Ather floor mat

7. Puncher Kit:

Imagine you are going in the middle of a very long highway, and you suddenly realize that one of the tires in your Ather electric scooter is very low on air, but you had the tire Inflator and immediately you refiled the air into your tire but after some time you see that the air has leaked off of your bike once more and there is big puncher in your tire. You’ll be left with no option other than repairing the puncher otherwise it’ll completely damage your tire and will consume more of your battery power. In case you have any workshop (or) garage nearby you it’ll be great but what if not? The kit works as a gold mine for such circumstances as having a puncher.

This puncher kit is very easy to use, and you wouldn’t need any extra assistance to repair your tire puncher.

8. Throttle Armrest:

The Armrest is one of the most important tools to give you a comfortable riding experience. Especially for electric vehicles that have a relatively loose throttle, your palm starts hurting while driving the vehicle for long distances. Also, the Revolt RV 400 has a leaning posture that directly incident all your body load on the handle that reflects on your palm. So, to have a pain-free palm you should have an armrest installed on both of your handles.

Buy throttle arm rest

This device is as small and light as your smartphone charger, adding this tool will in no way add any dead weight to your electric vehicle or disturb your riding style.

9. Ather Wheel stickers:

When you buy the Ather 450X soon you’ll realize that it isn’t just a scooter that helps you commute, it’s a whole package of happiness that keeps reminding your mind that you’ve made a great choice and now you just need to pamper your scooter to keep that essence alive in your Ather 450X. “Sticking sticky stickers” on your scooter will enhance the look and the feel of your Ather 450X. Here are the few chosen stickers you should apply to your Ather if you really “love it”.

Ather wheel stickers

Your Ather won’t look the same after wearing these stickers and they’ll give your scooter a more alive look. Don’t worry they peel off very easily without leaving any stains on the scooter body.

10. Ather Waterproof body cover:

Body Cover is very important for all vehicles, especially in a country like India. Even though Indian cities/states as no dessert but still we are one with the most sand and dust pollution index in the whole world, and we are dedicated to working on resolving such issues. Now, this sand will keep floating around our vehicles and you often would have observed your vehicle gets covered by a layer of dust even if it’s standing outside ideally.

Ather body cover

To prevent dust from covering your Ather electric scooter, you should apply this waterproof body cover that will save your bike from all the external dirt.

11. Sunshield Helmet & Hand gloves

Do you know in India, helmet saves nearly 15000 lives every year, and nearly 30,000 people every year die due to not wearing a helmet. So, it’s evident how harmful it’s not to wear a helmet while driving on high-speed roads. Buying a good quality helmet is very-very important to have a quality ride.

Sunshield helmet for ather

Riding safely is equally important as saving your money from getting wasted on petrol. So, always were the best quality hand gloves while riding. Here is the link to buy the best quality hand gloves.

Ather hand gloves

12. Microfiber cleaning cloth

To keep your vehicle clean and with no scratches, it’s very important to whip it regularly and provide it with proper maintenance. But it isn’t compulsory if you clean your bike every day and wet wash it at regular intervals it may still be left with many scratches and unwanted dents. This mainly takes place due to the type of clothes one uses for whipping the vehicle surface.

Ather microfiber cleaning clothe

If you’ll use any random cloth, it’ll surely leave unwanted marks on the vehicle in the long run but if used microfiber cloth for cleaning the surface your Revolt RV 400 will maintain its shine for a longer period.

13. Seat cover

This is also a very important accessory for the longevity of your bike’s body. The seat cover plays a very important role in providing a comfortable riding experience to both the pillion and front riders. Although you can buy it from the revolt service center itself, it’ll be more expensive and of average (or low) quality. Here is the link to buy a good-quality seat cover for your Revolt RV 400.

Ather seat cover

14. Bolt charger:

The Bolt EV charger is a perfect accessory for you to buy if you really care about your electric vehicle. This compact EV charger is made to manage your electric vehicle charging and to give you a safer environment. Along with just charging this device can make you a handsome amount of money or you can even start the EV charging as a business in India.

blot EV charger

But you may think how this device is unique, there are many Indian startups and companies offering their EV chargers for safe and comfortable EV charging. But wait, here are the few points that may change your mind:

  • Unlike other bulky, heavy EV chargers, the bolt EV charger is lite and compact.
  • You can have a peer-to-peer charging connection and build a business out of EV charging.
  • It’s lite and compact but does not lack features. Because all the complex hardware is replaced by simple software.
  • You can install it anywhere with no hassle of setting up a whole extra place just for an electric vehicle charger

Video to understand what bolt is?

15. Ceramic coating and spray:

Electric vehicles usually look prettier than conventional petrol vehicles and to maintain their shiny look you should prefer using the ceramic coating and spray over your vehicle body. It doesn’t affect the warranty policy and improves the life of your vehicle by preventing it from wear and tear.

ceramic coating

So, these are the few accessories that you should add to your Ather electric scooter to make it more alive and improve its road presence. All the gadgets and accessories that “Evehicleshop” recommends you are tried and tested on the actual scooter for at least 6 months and it won’t affect your warranty policy.

Buy Cleaning wax

Don’t do this with your electric scooter:

Ather 450x accessories

While you are applying these accessories keep your eye on you don’t modify your scooter or void any warranty or guarantee policy of “Ather energy”. However, the Ather electric scooter provides a warranty on the scooter’s electrical equipment like (Motor, controller, Battery, etc.), but not on the body, and unfortunately, if your scooter met into an accident you’ll face trouble claiming your incurrence if you have physically made a cut or messed with the body.


So these were the most rewarding electric scooter accessories that you can use on your Ather electric scooter to make it look more elegant and increase its road presence. All the gadgets and accessories listed above will perfectly fit into both Ather 450X and Ather 450 plus. Using these accessories will never harm your scooter in any way and doesn’t void your insurance policy.

You can use these accessories on your scooter and if you like them, please consider sharing them with your loved ones.

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