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Top 8 electric vehicle accessories in India – 2022


Did you buy an electric vehicle recently? Believe me, it’s one of the best decisions of this year. “Electric vehicles are the future of commutation in India” and if not today tomorrow, everyone must transform their mode of transportation to electric.

Just like any conventional petrol vehicle, with electric vehicles, it’s essential to have some extra accessories to maintain it properly and use it at its full potential. Unlike petrol vehicles, electric vehicles have some different requirements, and you can’t just replace the petrol vehicle accessories and use them with battery vehicles. Because if you do so you may void the guaranty (warranty) policy or in some cases, your electric vehicle chases may break into several pieces.

electric vehicle accessories online

So, it’s very important to do proper research before installing any gadgets in your electric vehicle in India. But no worries we got your back and got you an appositely researched list of all the accessories for your E.V. that you can buy online and use in your electric vehicle in India. These accessories are intended to increase your vehicle’s effectiveness, performance, and productivity.

Here’s the list of electric vehicles accessories that you can buy online.

Electric vehicle accessories:

The Bolt EV charger is a perfect accessory for you to buy if you really care about your electric vehicle. This compact EV charger is made to manage your electric vehicle charging and to give you a safer environment. Along with just charging this device can make you a handsome amount of money or you can even start the EV charging as a business in India.

blot EV charger

But you may think how this device is unique, there are many Indian startups and companies offering their EV chargers for safe and comfortable EV charging. But wait, here are the few points that may change your mind:

  • Unlike other bulky, heavy EV chargers, the bolt EV charger is lite and compact.
  • You can have a peer-to-peer charging connection and build a business out of EV charging.
  • It’s lite and compact but does not lack features. Because all the complex hardware is replaced by simple software.
  • You can install it anywhere with no hassle of setting up a whole extra place just for an electric vehicle charger

Video to understand what bolt is?

MI tyre Inflator

This product can save your money and may increase your vehicle’s life! 

While riding any vehicle it is very safe and important as well to maintain an air compressor for juicing up the air in the vehicle tire for emergency cases. In most electric vehicles, we usually get plenty of space to keep some of our instruments and accessories so this being a portable device can come into your small pockets.

Another great feature is its rechargeability, this great device can recharge from any USB socket and with every single charge, this device gets ready to fill 9 vehicle tires with air. Being highly portable you can use this device anywhere anytime.

throttle arm rest

This tiny tool solves one of the most underrated problems that most EV riders face but ignore. While riding an electric vehicle because usually, the electric vehicle’s throttle is too loose, we often feel pressure and pain in our wrist. To get rid of that problem you must install this tiny little tool in your electric vehicle to improve your riding experience.

This armrest is completely made of soft plastic that doesn’t let you feel itchiness on your wrist and is super lite so that it won’t cause any problem while riding. It’s adjustable and thus can easily slide through your handle.

4. Ather 450X accessories:

1. Whole-body crash guard:

Let’s just face the truth that electric vehicles are not strong enough and they can’t sustain any rough treatment (or) small accidents and they can never be as strong as petrol vehicles. 
For all the electric two-wheeler-making companies, it’s been always a challenge to make a heavy-duty, tough electric vehicle by compromising with the vehicle’s driving range and affordability.

But we have an easy way out for you the stainless steel body crash guard. This doesn’t add too much dead-weight to the vehicle but ensures you protect yourself and your vehicle from any minor or major accident. 

This crash guard is purely made of stainless steel and is supportable with Ather’s electric scooter.

Ather body protection

Attaching this frame into your scooter won’t void the guarantee or warranty policy from the company.

2. Display temper glass:

Ather display console

One of the most critical problems with electric vehicles exists in its servicing part. We can’t get the spare part readily available if any part of our electric vehicle goes wrong and if the part does available it’ll cost a lot more than its intrinsic value.

3. Body cover and seat cover:

The Seat and body are some of the most essential parts for keeping our electric vehicle safe and sound. Specifically, for Ather electric, you can bu

Backrest is the must-have accessory for Revolt RV 400. Electric vehicles with higher torque (which is common in all EVs) and smaller seats must have a backrest fitted for the safety of the pillion rider. Not having the backrest attached with the bike (or) scooter may lead to severe accidents.

electric two wheeler backrest

But also, while installing the backrest one must take care of the warranty violation issue as many companies may point to having the backrest as a problem.

6. Arm selves, helmet lock, and gloves:

These are a few common accessories that one should buy along with any vehicle but almost every electric vehicle comes with some boot space which is enough to keep such accessories along with the electric vehicles.

7. Ceramic coating and spray:

Electric vehicles usually look prettier than conventional petrol vehicles and to maintain their shiny look you should prefer using the ceramic coating and spray over your vehicle body. It doesn’t affect the warranty policy and improves the life of your vehicle by preventing it from wear and tear.

Microfiber cleaning cloth

Generally, we use random waste clothe for cleaning our automobiles which leaves unwanted stains and scratches over the vehicle body surface and after regular practice, the vehicle starts degrading and fading out its shine. To solve this issue, we got you this microfiber cloth which properly cleans the vehicle surface and doesn’t affect the shine of the vehicle.


If you are a real passionate rider then you should prefer these components to be attached to your electric vehicles because it doesn’t only give your vehicle a longer life but also gives you the feeling of riding a great machine.

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