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"The joint venture Jio-bp joins hands with BluSmart to setup commercial ev charging stations in India. The chargers will be installed where the BluSmart electric cabs operates."

Jio-BP will be collaborating with an electric cab booking company BluSmart and will create EV charging stations which will cater to all the BluSmart electric cabs. Well for those who don’t know about Jio-BP, it’s a joint venture of both Reliance and BP (British petroleum). BP is a leading energy-providing company in the UK, it also caters to EV owners with their fixed EV charging stations in the UK. In 2019 Reliance and BP decided to work closely under an agreement of joint venture in which BP has 49% and Reliance acquired 51% stakes. The prime goal of this venture is to become a leading player in the energy and no carbon mobility sector. The driving force of this venture is the excellence of British Petroleum(BP) in energy, and mobility, and reliance’s connectivity and network with the majority of Indian customers. 

In their most recent news, it comes out that “the joint venture Jio-BP will be partnering with BluSmart to set up charging stations specifically where BluSmart electric cabs operate”  

Elaborating this news:

In the following partnership, the venture will build charging stations all over India and will be open for public usage. The charging stations built under this partnership will be available specifically in the places where BluSmart’s electric cabs operate. Starting from the national capital the charging stations will be open all over India. 

On this great collaboration, the BluSmart CEO added;
“BluSmart operates large EV charging ‘Superhubs’ powering the burgeoning EV fleet. Our partnership with Jio-bp is a true testament to our ability to provide world-class EV charging infrastructure solutions for India. EV Superhubs are the future of EV charging as it provides seamless charging access to consumers and ride-hailing fleets, and we will be jointly building some of the largest EV Superhubs in the world.” Which shows how positive and excited he is to work on this project. A similar reaction came from another side, the CEO of Jio-BP added
“Leveraging bp’s learnings from the UK with bp Pulse, where they have the country’s largest EV charging network, from Germany through their Aral brand, Jio-bp intends to bring in the latest in EV technology to our consumers. In line with the new energy vision of RIL, our advanced mobility teams are working tirelessly to create cleaner and smarter ways for Indians to travel.”

India is going to be the world leader in the electric mobility industry and such more steps are going to shape Indian renewable and green-clean mobility.

Who are the beneficiary of this step:

This partnership will develop the EV charging infra. to a huge extent which would inspire more and more customers to opt for electric mobility. More charging stations will decrease the range anxieties in EV owners with eventually will decrease the dependency on petrol and burning fossil fuels for transportation. 
Long story short this collaboration will promote the idea of electric cabs in India and will develop the EV ecosystem in India. Also, the venture i.e. Jio-bp will get a huge push to become the driving force of the electric mobility revolution in India.


Jio-bp joins hands with electric cab providing company “BluSmart” to manufacture commercial EV charging stations in all over India. These charging stations will be open for all the customers but will be installed where the “BluSmart” electric cabs oprates.

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