Tata power collaboration with Hindustan petroleum corp. ltd. (H.P.C.L.)

Tata group of companies is continuously growing their portfolio in Indian EV industry by introducing more electric cars and making appropriate eco-system for electric vehicles. The raise of electric vehicle has raised the tensions of petrol/diesel pump owners as they may incur losses in the coming years. Now, with that said let’s talk about some facts, the Tata power installed their 500+ charging stations in almost all the metropolitan cities and the HPCL have their 18,000 petrol retails in all over the country. Now seeing the above numbers it’s become very clear that for Tata to become the monopoly in EV industry Tata power has to build the EV chargers even more than the numbers projected by the HPCL costumer base that too within a very short period of time. So, this is the challenge that both the industry giants are facing right now.

Tata with HPCL

Tata power with HPCL:

Now the news popping up that both Tata and HPCL had a talk regarding building EV chargers on the existing infrastructure of HPCL outlets. This collaboration can literally change the face of electric vehicle industry in India and will work like a charm for solving the market challenges facing by both the industry giants. If Tata would have gone all alone to build the charging infrastructure and make them available in every 500m it would have costed them lots of money, time and resources but installing EV charging stations in collaboration with petrol pumps will save lots of resources and land space and especially the range anxiety issue of Indian EV owners will come to an end and this move will motivate more people to adopted electric vehicles. “If the petrol pumps are already accessible to everyone very easily and the same customers who is going to petrol pumps will transfer to the charging stations, then why separate both of them”. This collaboration will help the HPCL equally by keeping their business of proving energy alive and giving another path to work upon.

Officials statements over this collaboration:

This news is receiving a very positive traction and here what CEO’s think about this;

Sandeep Bangia, head – EV charging, Tata Power, said, “This strategic tie-up provides us access to a vast retail base of HPCL, especially in cities and along the key highways .The move will tremendously benefit the EV users as it will not only provide them easy access to charging points but also remove the range anxiety, resulting in wider adoption of electric vehicles in the country.”

Sai Kumar Suri, executive director – retail, HPCL, said: “HPCL as a key player in the energy sector is committed to provide sustainable energy solutions to our customers. HPCL, with its vast network comprising of more than 18,000 retail outlets, and Tata Power, with its strong presence and expertise in the EV charging segment, bring a unique strategic partnership to create a pan-India charging ecosystem with end-to-end solutions.”

Summary – Tata power has collaborated with HPCL to setup EV charging stations in petrol pumps, this step can bring revolution in Indian EV industry, and can save the petrol/diesel-based industry giants from the costumer loss due to EV transition. This move is getting positive feed

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