You are currently viewing Tata Nexon EV Price Drop! Here Are Updated Price of All Models

Tata Nexon EV Price Drop! Here Are Updated Price of All Models

Tata is one of the greatest players in the electric vehicle market and the company made it possible through its super affordable electric cars and constantly expanding infrastructure. Amid Auto Expo 2023, the company has again announced its price drop for all its nine models. Along with that, Tata has changed its specifications and upgraded some of its features. 

Here’re the detailed specs. and complete information on the recent rollouts.

Nexon EV price drop:

Nexon EV’s all models are now ₹85,000/- more affordable here’s the full list of all the models with price tags:


Tata Nexon Variant

Price Now 

Price Before

Nexon EV Prime XM

14.49 Lakh

14.99 Lakh

Nexon EV Prime XZ+

15.99 Lakh

16.49 Lakh

Nexon EV Prime XZ+ Lux

16.99 Lakh

17.49 Lakh

Nexon EV Max XM

16.49 Lakh


Nexon EV Max XZ+

17.49 Lakh

18.34 Lakh

Nexon EV Max XZ+ Lux

18.49 Lakh

19.34 Lakh

Nexon EV Max XM (7.2)

16.99 Lakh

Nexon EV Max XZ+ (7.2)

17.99 Lakh

19.84 Lakh

Nexon EV Max XZ+ Lux (7.2)

18.99 Lakh


The price drop in Nexon EV is different from higher models and base models. In base models like “EV prime,” we can see a small difference of ₹50,000/- but in higher variants like Nexon EV max we can see a price drop up to ₹84,000/-. 

These price drops may take some time to reflect on the ground and all the Tata showrooms will have the updated fully updated Nexon EV by 15 Feb 2023.

Along with just a price drop Tata has done range and features enhancements in the Nexon EV, let’s see what all the updated specs and features does the upgraded Nexon EV got.

tata-nexon-ev-electric-car-charger-installation-services-500x500 (1)

Range Increment and Other Features in Nexon EV:

In their most recent update Tata has revealed that its Nexon EV will get a range upgrade along with the price drop. Your Nexon EV will add 16 km in range and this massive range increment (you get the pun, RIGHT!) will come as a software update to every existing customer of Nexon EV. Although there are more features that owners will get with this software update, the range increment has come as a highlight of all. You can get your Nexon EV updated with the latest features at your nearest dealership starting from 15th Feb. The update will bring more safety and connected features to your Nexon EV and the Prime variant may miss out on some features the Max will be having due to the Nexon EV max being the higher variant. 

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