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EV revolution has started in Meghalaya with its first charging station.

Meghalaya stated in their EV policy that their target is to achieve up to 15% EV adoption in their state. Now in order to achieve this goal, the state government is continuously taking huge steps, and in their most recent news it comes out that the power grid corporation will set up a total of 11 charging stations in the highly demanding places of the state. 

"With this decision, Meghalaya has laid its foundation of charging infrastructure to push the EV wave further in India."

11 charging stations in meghalaya

The power grid corporation strategically decided to plot the charging stations in the whole state to cover all the important and popular places of Meghalaya. The whole planning or strategy making is done by keeping one thing at the center of focus i.e. the lowering the pollution and reducing the range anxiety of the EV users. 

According to the statement of the power grid corporation, all the charging stations will have a minimum of four 15kW DC and 100kW CCS2 charging points. This means a total of 66 charging points will be installed in the city Shillong. In the locations like power grid office complex, MTC warehouse and parking lot, and polo parking lot. 
The power grid strategically planned to spred all the EV refuling station to make them all available for all the EV owners eseally.   

Recently the Meghalaya Government released their own EV policy 2021 in which they mentioned that “As on 31st October 2020, 18776 vehicles have already been registered in Meghalaya during 2020” and are dedicated to achieving 15% of electrification in EVs till 2025, which upon calculation shows that at least 20,000 EV will run on Meghalyan roads till 2025. In the EV policy, they have also shared the impact report which goes like “If the Meghalaya achieve this target till 2025 then it would save at least 10,000Kg of  CO2 each day or 36.5 Lakh CO2 every year.

In the same policy, they have mentioned supporting/promote building EV charging infra., the empty(Non producing) government lands will be available for building EV charging stations to any government body(State/Central) for free of cost. Further in the document, they have specifically mentioned supporting the charging infra. in many ways like promoting EV-related startups, installing the chargers in the most demanding places, and much more.

If you want to download the “Meghalaya EV policy official document” 

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