You are currently viewing EV Sales report November 2022. Ola in the top again

EV Sales report November 2022. Ola in the top again

The EV industry is growing at a fast pace, especially the electric 2W market in India is growing exponentially by every month. Following the record-high EV sales in October month November has proved to be a boon for electric scooters in India.

Surprisingly TVS which has never come in the list of the top 5 most sold electric scooters is sitting at 5th position this month. Another company is Ampere electric which has cracked the 2nd position in the EV sales report this month with a total of 12,232 units sold. The most admiring thing is, premium electric scooter makers come at the top of the EV sales list.

Ola electric charging

Ola Electric and Ather Energy both are among the best EV startups in the county and make performance electric scooters but don’t have more than 2 electric scooters in their portfolio. Despite having a challenge with pricing, both Ola and Ather consistently remain the highest-selling EV brands in India. On the other hand, we have massy electric scooter-making brands like Okinawa, Hero Electric, Ampere, Pure EV, etc. which are earning a respectable position in the Indian EV market but most of such brands are often accused of misusing government policies however Okinawa’s profits are rising secretly.


TVS iQube, a legacy EV maker that wasn’t able to crack the market with the launch of its first electric scooter but company didn’t shut down all its efforts and launched 2 more variants S and ST that are performing really well in the market and this month the company for the first time touched the top 5 most sold EV list.

Here’re the top 5 most sold electric scooter companies:

1.      Ola Electric:

Units sold – 16,246

Ola Electric has 2 electric scooters in its portfolio Ola S1 and Ola S1 pro. Here are the key specifications of both.

Ola S1 pro scooter:

Price: 1.3 Lakh INR


2.      Ampere Vehicle:

Units sold – 12,232

It has 2 electric scooters in its portfolio Ampere Magnus EX and Reo plus. Here’re the key specifications of both.

Price: 75,500INR


3.      Okinawa Autotech:

Units sold – 9,038

Okinawa has numerous electric scooters in its portfolio and it accounts for the costliest electric scooter Okhi 90, which cost 1.81 lakh. Here are the key specifications of a few famous electric scooters from Okinawa.

Price: 133,023 Lakh INR


4.      Hero Electric:

Units sold – 9,008

Hero Electric is one of the earliest comers in the Electric vehicle market in India. It mostly has low-performance electric scooters in its portfolio and has been in the top 5 since it launched its first electric scooter. Here are the key specifications of some of its best electric scooters.

Price: 72,240/- INR


5.      TVS Motors:

Units sold – 8,073

TVS made its debut in the top 5 list of electric scooters in November. Here are the key specifications of its electric scooter.

Here’s the complete list of the most sold electric scooters in India in the Month of November.

Electric 2-Wheeler

Units sold

Ola Electric


Ampere Vehicles


Okinawa Autotech


Hero Electric


TVS Motors


Ather Energy


Bajaj Auto


Okaya EV


Jitendra New EV tech


Benling India


Pure EV


Kinetic Green


22 Motors




Here you must be able to observe a steep drop in sales units after Ather Energy. From this, you can easily conclude there are only a handful of good EV makers in India, and we don’t really have an interesting competition in the EV industry neither in EV 2-W market nor in EV 4-W market.

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