You are currently viewing IIT Delhi’s massive push toward’s developing electric vehicle technology.

IIT Delhi’s massive push toward’s developing electric vehicle technology.

On 7 October, 2021 the director of IIT Delhi Prof. V. Ramgopal Rao has tweeted about the ignoration of a new lab in IIT Delhi which will be solely based on research of electric vehicle components. They named the group of labs as “state-of-the-art” labs, and it’s inaugurated in the CART to go one step further in innovating electric vehicle technologies.

What is "State of the art":

It is the group of labs under which their will be four different laboratories and all of them will contribute in upgrading the present and innovating newer electric vehicles technologies in India.

How it will work:

The C.A.R.T. which was introduced to promote research area in electric vehicle and energy storage and other related areas. So in the C.A.R.T., IIT Delhi has now inaugurated the “state-of-the-art” labs which will be researching in four major areas of electric vehicles which are as follows,

  1. Battery Research
  2. Charging infrastructure
  3. Automotive health monitoring

Let’s elaborate more all the research area;

Battery research laboratory:   It’s is fully equipped the advanced tools, machineries and equipment for scanning (or) testing the batteries till the cell levels. The lab will also have the appropriate equipment for testing the BMS’s (battery management system) with the technology of cloud BMS and digital twin. 

AHM Laboratory: To test the vehicle on all the levels of driving comfort the AHM lab is inaugurated in C.A.R.T. this lab can test the harshness, vibration, and automotive noise. This lab will be contributing by delivering high-end comfortable electric vehicle into the market. 

Automotive health monitoring: In the press release the director has added that the charging infrastructure lab will consist equipment for battery testing, regenerative breaking, and the charging discovery system (CDS). This CDS is going to be vital part of the laboratory and will serve testing electric vehicles and electric vehicle components.   

Now as the IIT Delhi will avail all other startups, researchers, and companies to work on their laboratories it can truly have a great impact on the whole Indian electric vehicle industry in the long run. 


IIT Delhi has recently incubated new laboratories in their CART which will give a strong push to the whole Indian EV market. All those laboratories are open to work for needy public like, researchers, startups and companies. 

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